Chests/thief class

Just wondering about the possibility of having chests with locks to pick in the near future. It seems like the very physical meta-game aspect of lockpocking would be a good feature of a VR dungeon crawler. The rogue or thief class is one of the classic 4, but not really represented in the four classes of orbus. Lockpocking in elder scrolls is for any class which seems legit.

For chests, if they are random spawn throughput the world, it would be neat if the ones that last longer get better and better loot tables and become more and more challenging to unlock. That would ensure the more challenging ones to find would be challenging to unlock but also very rewarding.

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Love the idea. I do agree it would add some interest to things have some random reagents inside

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That would be pretty neat.

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I think that might fall under the “tools” that crafters can make. I wish I knew more about the crafting system.


Not just chests, but locked doors in dungeons. Giving access to bonus content to the parties that bring someone to pick those locks or detect and disarm deadly traps.

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I’d love to see this idea expand all the way to player housing. Protecting your house from thieves could be a ton of fun. Probably completely unreasonable though

Stay out of my house, Damage!


Maybe you could gamify the breaking in. Let people opt in to having their house burgled. Give them a way to set the stakes by selecting a trophy item or a sack of gold as the reward. Give them a way to set the challenge with options like “only while I’m online, for 30 min after I leave, all the time” and “single player, party” and “one attempt per day or unlimited” then give them some system to implement puzzles or conditions or traps, etc.

Create a reward system that increases the value to the homeowner for a more open challenge and for the thief for a more closed challenge, but make it proportional to what is staked by the owner. Create the owner award at milestones for how long the challenge is open without solution. Target some milestone for equal value like: Open for 2 hrs equals stake cost returned, open for 5 hours returns stake cost again, again at 9 hrs, etc. Probably have to do some modeling to figure out the right balance.

Anyway, this plausible scope creep brought to you by TheAlex…


oh god, i don’t want another Rust… :sweat:


Ya, I think we should limit lockpicking to dungeons and ruins if it is added

My only wish is that there will be a place or banking system where I can put items and have them completely safe from being stolen.

My fault, I should have elaborated more. I wasn’t assuming an all or nothing approach to this suggestion. I expected more of a small percentage of your stored coin or perhaps an item not to exceed x value that is stored within. The idea came from a different game I used to play and the thievery system was actually a blast.

I also envisioned being able to set up traps for any would-be thieves as well. Stuff that would do damage to them or maybe even kick them out of the house entirely and limiting the number of houses they are able to rob each day to something reasonable. Maybe one theft attempt per house per week? Or 5 houses a day?

It’s not that I have anything against robbing all of you blind in a single attempt, I just don’t want the favor returned so easily :slight_smile:

One change could be to have it be some sort of trophy that you have to try and hold onto after you steal it. The thievery would mainly be for bragging rights, which sounds about right if there is a limit on value anyways. Then the people who didn’t want to participate could avoid it by not stealing the trophy. The trophies could have different designs/names in relation to the lore. Have them be tracked by some sort of leader board that potentially kept a history of who stole the trophy when (trophy wars!) and it would be a fun system.