Circles invisible for me in final boss of Guild City Raid

I saw the first set of circles of the fight, but after that the circles were invisible. Based on chat, everyone else could see it, but I couldn’t. My heals were still working, just the circles went invisible (other people could see it though, so I could follow others. Anyone else ever had this happen to them I’ve never experienced this before, was it something caused by the current/latest patch?). Forgot to hit bug report since I didn’t have time during the fight and forgot about it after. (Would it even have helped after the fight was already finished?)

I had this a couple weeks back. So its not a new bug. I dont do guild city very often so cant say how frequent this happens but i know it was after the reports of invisible players started happening. - think thats been happening since December.

Like most things I fixed it by logging out and closing then re opening the game

Hi, we’re still actively investigating this issue (effects being invisible in general) and hope to have a fix in the near future.

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Thanks @Mathieu_D.

That glitch happens pretty regularly during our Saturday raids, and can make the fight a bit of a challenge. :wink: