Citadel armour / legendary weapon effect

A few of us think that the glow effect is really cool, however, the armour is a little hit or miss at times. It would be really cool if you could get the foil effect as a legendary dye drop from the HM Citadel to apply to any other armour


Omg what if the take out all affects entirely and make them new dyes that way you could put them on things you want instead of things on throngs you don’t want

The normal mode hammer is really cool too but those unanimated chains sticking straight out to the sides is real ugly. Since they won’t animate them, they should just delete them off the model. It’s a really sick hammer otherwise but it currently looks really dumb.

It would be really nice.

Is the new green-foil like the gold-foil, or is that possible @Mathieu_D?

I hate the forced foil to begin with. I’d be much happier looting foil & selling it to someone who actually likes it.