Citadel Boss 4 Drop Rate

So it has been the 5 months of citadel being out for a lot of people, and I wonder if opinions are the same or different on the Citadel Boss 4 HM drop rate.

See here for an original post: Hardmode Citadel Boss 4 legendary droprate

In current forum fashion, I’ll make it a poll based on previous suggestions:

  • Keep drop rate the way it is
  • Potential +7 drop when you turn in 8 HM tokens
  • Increase drop rate of +7
  • Keep drop rate the same, but increase epic item to +7 rather than +6

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Edit: Unless otherwise stated a +7 is a legendary +7.


as someone who has been played by the system of luck especially in orbus I really just want anyway to just have some sort of guarantee, I like the idea of turning the drop rate up to lessen the luck but I really want some sort of guarantee such as maybe make a +7 twenty tokens? (I know a sentence ender its weird for me too) I’m sure there could be other ways to make it seem more optional as well like maybe with the new dungeons the shard level could be upgraded not to drop +7 weapons but a material that gives it instead. I was personally thinking for around 50 of the material to upgrade either a +6 legendary or a +6 epic and it would also only drop on your roll along with whatever else you get and a chance from your normal chest kind of like how the weapon/armor drop system already works. With adding that to the game I think it would bring more activity to the game because raids are a once a week thing you get on for a couple hours then you’re done but with shards its more of a grind and it can be done whenever you want to do them (with something to gain from them). I was also running some shards last night and I really miss the feeling of just talking and doing shards as well other people I was running with.

TLDR if you can’t read someone with no grammar or puncutation skills (sorry lmao)
I want a way to guarantee a +7 but it requires both doing the raid and shards and a lot of them


Im in the very minor with actually having a +7 but I still want to complain. At the moment the raid takes 1 or 2 hours with a very good group so that means we log on once a week to do that, don’t get a drop, log off until next week. Its very stale now 5 months on in my opinion.

I would like to see a way to guarantee it like using the tokens. at the moment the tokens for boss 4 feel worthless. almost everyone doing that boss already has a +6 legendary or normal +6 so getting another one with the tokens is pointless.


a big thing is playing a certain role on boss 4 takes a lot of experience that i don’t have with every class. warrior i already know will be a pain to get. the only healer i play is bard. the only dps i pull high enough with is like ranger and probs shaman. sure i can depend on others to give me those but getting them is a pain already.


Perhaps a pity system?

But I really do like Bucky’s idea where the new dungeons drop a rare mat for upgrading +6s into +7s. Make the material a non tradable tinkering item and make the shop have a 15-30 token blueprint that allows you to upgrade your +6 legendary into a +7 legendary.

  • This makes it so you still have to do boss 4 hardmode a number of times to lock +7s to the raid but allowing a different path to get the +7 that is not just logging in once a week to grind for it.
  • It makes the tinkering profession actually useful for gameplay in a way (imo guiding light lantern does not count as nowhere is dark enough to justify it)
  • The materials being non-tradable ensures that people cannot grind for it and sell it to others to get them easy +7s
  • With the mats being daily drops from shards on a chance and requiring ~50-100 to upgrade the item to +7 it gives players a long term grinding goal on a daily basis and allows shard content to contribute towards making a player’s class competitive in endgame while being slower and still requiring the prowess to kill the raid boss
  • (After 15-30 kills I think it is safe to say that a player has earned their +7 in all but RNG drop chance and thus the game should provide a shard avenue for them to get this gear)

Though a few questions:

  1. Will this material only drop on shard 15 or is it just related to the dungeon, IE what shard level range should we expect this material to drop?
  2. It seems it is a guaranteed drop on daily roll with a (small?) chance on normal roll. Is there a low drop chance on grinding for the roll to give a reason to keep grinding beyond once a day but guarantee enough in ~50 days due to daily?

I think it should only drop on a level 15 shard (or current highest shard if the devs feel it should be higher with new dungeons) as its the hardest dungeon content and it should still be as limited and as hard to get as possible


In summary,

It seems like most people are OK with increasing the drop rate in some fashion. With about 25% wanting to keep it relatively the same.

It seems like tokens are the best way to possibly do it. Please allow tokens a chance of a +7. There are some people who have done the boss for 30 weeks straight with no legendary drops. I know there are also those that get it first try and thats RNG, but either have a chance of drop or a pity system after 20 kills would be nice.

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I think you should be able to turn in a high amount of tokens for a legendary weapon but definetly more then 8, it would be gurantwed but a high number like 16 or 20.

What if you only need 8 but there is like only a chance you get the token, a much higher chance then getting the legendary but not high enough where you get it every time you run it.

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RNG isn’t on your side if your using the pity system and if you have killed it 8+ times that’s roughly 2 months worth of kill time. I feel like you deserve it at that point.

I would like to see a guaranteed +7 from 8 tokens.

As it stands now I have consistently killed boss 4 each week (maybe miss 3~ weeks from being away/busy) for 7 and a half months with no +7 drop. that’s around 30 kills. No drop. I’m not alone with this too, others have done similiar amounts of consistent killing and seen no drop.

I would love to hear the devs opinion on this @Mathieu_D


I think there should be a way to get a guranteed legendary but i think it should me a bit more then 8, thats seems too little. I say either add a chance at a legendary when you turn in tokens, or make the legendary a flat purchase but cost more tokens then 8, maybe 10 or 12.

8 tokens is still 2 months of weekly reclears, which seems fair to me tbh. if it was shards where you can do it everyday then yeah, but this is only once a week.

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it’s also the best weapon in the game sooo 3 months for a guaranteed +7. in those 2-3 months, you have a chance of getting it either way.

Having killed boss 4 for 20 weeks in a row and getting 2 +7s. It does seem that making it guaranteed for 8 kills is a bit too generous. But that’s just my opinion.

Edit: I wouldn’t be too tore up about it either way. I feel for those who have done it many times with no drop. I’d be frustrated too.

I agree with this. The amount of time it takes to work your way up to even see this boss let alone take it down should warrant a meaningful reward. I know people who just don’t drop weapons. I’m one of them. I’ve worked my way into this boss over time and have never dropped a weapon period. Every one of them has been given to me by players who already have the weapon. I’m just unlucky that way.

There should be a positive way to get +7 weapons. 8 tokens is alot. There are many weeks where the boss beats us and we go home empty handed.

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just because your group isn’t good enough to beat it consistently every week doesn’t make 8 tokens a lot. it just means you have to be more consistent and it won’t seek like a lot.

I’m not advocating lowering the number. I would like to see a more positive way to reward the effort.

more positive being what?

This whole discussion is about token exchange for a +7 weapon. I support that idea.

the way you said it, it sounded like you wanted it to be lowered since you were having trouble consistently killing him.