Citadel raid question

Will the citadel raid have 5 bosses as well and will all 5 contribute to the lore or are they kinda just going to be random things we only see once like in the guild city raid?


well, we know the last boss at least will be lore related

It will most likely be either Markos or Sephotep I think they said it was one of them

My attempt:

“Kill them Markos!”
“Yes milord”
aaaahh pew pew pew meeaah meaahh crash
I seem to have come back to my senses… thank you old friend! We must go and hunt Sephotep… before he finishes the big bad thing in Täella Bruha!

Or maybe we will weeb out get whisper ninjas next, or that could be mini dlc hard to say lol.


^what this guy said