Cities feel very empty currently. Any ideas or plans?

Looking at the cities, they seem very empty. Are you guys planning to add concrete roads/lamp posts/ fountains/ statues to add to the world to fill it up a bit?
And for everybody else, what sorta world objects would you want to see?

I’d like to see a 20ft tall statue of a warrior on a giant chicken mount. I would call it “the champion and his chicken” and it shall be the centerpiece of guild city


I’m sure there is, Robotlove - remember you are playing in beta…

Bro, I’d be so down for that.

The fact that we’re in beta is actually the concerning part. Most games by this stage of development are fine tuning, not adding large amounts of new content. In just about every single game I’ve ever beta tested the world you see in beta is pretty much what makes it into live. I don’t expect them to add a great deal of actual content between now and launch (they will fine tune, fix bugs, add some features on top of existing content, etc.) but I wouldn’t expect to see tons more between now and launch in terms of never before seen content.

I realize that many of us (myself included) are big fans of the game, vr, fantasy mmo genre etc and want to see it succeed. The “we’re only in beta” excuse/explanation for lack of content is starting to wear thin though. Hopefully there will be more “passes” on existing content to improve its quantity, quality and depth…but I’m okay with accepting that the game is what it is and it is in good working shape for a game in beta. I’d be okay with the game getting this add-ins as we go with live updates and paid expansions.

Expecting major overhauls to cities, new dungeons, new zones, new mechanics, new assets etc…are increasingly unlikely by launch. That is okay. The game is looking very good imo and will definitely get better after launch with real new content add ins. Most importantly, the game is actually fun to play even with the areas that need improvement…much much more fun than many “AAA” mmos that have been released in the last few years.

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After beta is EA, not Launch

John doesn’t seem like you’ve paid too much attention to the development process so far. Adding small things like lamp posts, grass, and little things like that happens almost every test. I hardly see how you call that sort of thing a “major overhaul”.

To answer the original question yes we are still adding in the props and moving NPCs that make the world feel alive, I’m not sure if you played in the small “stress test” or in the last Beta, but we are still adding in content of quests and side quests along with the NPC and props associated with that.

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who said that things weren’t being added during the beta? just from last test to this test they have increased level cap by 4, added many new quests, completely re worked the networking to fix crashes, completed all the zones or at least most of them that will be in EA, added new npcs, to name a specific one the fishing master with quests specifically for fishing, a entire new crafting system called artificing. dont believe my word for it? take it straight from the closed beta 2 recap,
"Revamped networking layer to hopefully lay all the “disconnect” bugs to rest.
All main story and main side quests will be in the game
All zones in the ‘overland’ will be in the game, including the 4 Wilds zones
Increasing the Level Cap to Level 20
Introducing lots of new enemies, including more then a dozen new elites.
Runesmithing, item sharding, and NPC Vendor selling
Finishing the itemization of potions and fishing"
and if u want a more detailed explanation for some of this u can go to the next blog post which goes into more detail on how artificing will work

adding small things like lamps? grass? are you serious?

if you think adding lamps and grass are the area where orbus needs more depth for improvement we are playing two very different games.

Did…did you read the post that started this thread to in the first place?

maybe like a 10-foot Fountain of water