Clan Hall (clan room)


The game has a player house , it would be great to have a place for the clan ,
I am a player who understands English poorly ,
if I’m wrong, and such a place exists. tell me please )


There is a fellowship hall in Guild city near where you create a fellowship, it’s a big double door


What is the functionality of the clans? the room is only a chest. and cool sets for rows of clan members. How to change ranks and what else is possible? clan pumped to level 3. but what does it give besides the number of participants. I did not find another functionality


The levels of a guild are only to get more people in, there’s no need to upgrade if you don’t run out of spots soon.

The chest is to share items, though it is rarely used by anyone. If the chest didn’t require so much running around with things, but was like, a separate tab next to the home chest it would likely be useful, but currently there’s no plans to change that I fear.

A fellowship’s ‘function’ in general is to play together, help each other out, form groups, see each other online in the fellowship list and discord, just like in any game. Many fellowships also compete regarding dungeon and raid progress, stats are posted on the armory, a 3rd party site:
Fellowship organization is largely done via discord, not directly via Orbus, that is where you gather, have a (better) voice chat and share information and resources about the game.


I like the idea of having an extra chest in the player house for shared fellowship storage. I don’t know what the plan is for reborn with the fellowship hall but it would be nice to not have to run as far for the fellowship chest.


I would like to have a system of officers who can accept
at clan without a leader


This Should be coming in Reborn as they didn’t have time to do it in the live game but it was something they had planned


The walk is the reason I am not using the fellowship chest ever and pretty sure many others too XD


Yeah this is one of the reasons I never use it