Class specific contests

I agree here, but I might reword this statement. I realize that you are likely only referring to talents but I am going to comment on my initial thoughts of the comment.

The most players are not endgame players, it might be argued that the most players are below level 30 at any given time (at least in the past 2 months). I think I would want the devs to do things that help retain players. A more “inclusive” wording might be to say “Things that encourage the average player, whether end game or a more “casual player” to want to return to the game.” I do not know the stats on player retention / average level of character before quitting and how this game compares to other MMO’s, but I image this might be an important aspect of this game for it to stay relevant and for us to continue to receive more content.

We tend to think of OrbusVR as a traditional MMO game in VR but for many of us it might be better to look at it as a means to socialize with others with similar goals or interests. Not to go back into old discussions but Reborn is less collaborative than old Orbus, at least in my opinion. The players of this game are still very friendly and willing to lend a hand but we lost something when we transitioned to Reborn.

So to your point, I think your right in hoping that if the Devs put time into this, we see things to which everyone benefits.

I’m not concerned about end game players vs new game players in regards to a hypothetical class contest. A level 1 with better skills should outperform a level 30 who doesn’t know what they’re doing. All I’m advocating for is that if this idea were to Be implemented, it would do so in a way that rewards people who are skilled at the class the way it’s used by the majority of players.

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I’m advocating for IF the contests are implemented, that they be implemented for any playstyle the devs WANT to have viable. Even if it is only used by casuals. (Since I somehow doubt the majority are end game players).


For the alternative build solution. I would suggest the contest forces a specific build like an auto load out. It would show you the build you are given before the start. Like a quick prompt saying 'these skills are active while only in this mode." Go! Does that make sense?

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