Class Subdivision


I was wondering if I’m the only one who would like a Class Subdivision.

My ideas were:

  • Warrior (Templer = One Handed + Shield; Berserk = Two Handed or Two, One Handed Weapons)
  • Ranger ( Maybe a crossbow that aligns a bit slower reload but higher damage )
    That would be my first ideas :slight_smile:

Now let’s discuss it and maybe you have some ideas too, have a nice Day!


Runemage being specialized into necromancer or enchanter would be nice (everquest).

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I love the Idea of being a Necromancer xD

summon Skeletons, Bone Spears or Things like that :stuck_out_tongue:

But for the beginning I would find it nice if my sword has a solid shape and does not light, the same applies to my shield.


I’d love dual hand crossbows for ranger, it would really take advantage of one of the great advantages for vr, being able to aim at two places at once

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Dual Handcrossbow sounds pretty cool :stuck_out_tongue:
Like the Old One or the new Crossbows?
Like wind the tendon :stuck_out_tongue:


Easily the best thing about skyrim vr was dual aiming

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