Clock function within the environment


As a player who often has a time limit on the amount of time in the game, is it possible to have a clock added to the line way above the player so we can see the time without exiting the game?

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What headset are you on?

Oculus Quest 1.

I believe you can just click both menu buttons and it shouldn’t boot you out. Might only be on quest 2

I can and I do. I’m not always in a place that that is the best idea. A quick glance would be nice. It also would help with timing of event’s.

I’m also on a Quest 1, and while yes you can just click the right menu button to open the oculus window, it then freezes you in game, takes a while to load, and takes some time to come back into the game.

I agree it would be super helpful to have an in-game clock. And it would help with getting a better grasp of how long you’ve been in-game and reminding you to take a break.

Future-proofing this idea, we should have an option to set what time/time zone it shows, incase there ever end up being any issues with it showing the wrong time, or a player using a vpn having issues with it showing the wrong time, or any other bugs that could happen with this potential feature.

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I would love to see something like this. I wind up setting alarms on my Echo, though this means I’m occasionally shouting at it while finishing up a dungeon… :woman_facepalming:

Echo, set a timer for 20 minutes

“Okay, playing Für Elise by Beethoven”

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Yup! :laughing:

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