Clock in Reborn

I think it’ll be a nice addition if a clock was added to the game. One where a player can just continue playing while knowing what time it is.

I and many people hop on before work to play a little. So being able to know exactly what time it is without disengaging from the game would be useful imo.

I don’t think that would take much dev time to make a simple clock display either so I think it would be a good addition to have.

I’ve had times where I played 3 hours when I just wanted to hop on for 1. I know I can set a timer irl but that’s an additional step when I want to play.

As always, I’m up for discussion and feedback


yes! have it be a tinkerer item and use that damn wrist slot that has been unused since the beginning of orbus


Hmm, I think the wrist slot could be used as an extra stat score like rings. But that’s an idea too.

For MMOs, it is important to know what time it is for things in-game too. If a group wanted to meet up in 30 mins or an hour, I have no sense of time in Orbus. So a display next to the stat board when looking up could be another option. A clock that’s out of the way but easily accessible.

Or, bext to the world map icon so it is aways viable.

I’m skipping to dash all the time anyway, for discord, notepad and so on, so i’m mostly aware of the time…

However, the ingame time I’d really like to see, we need that for fishing and in general I like to know when night passes … currently we got a workaround, the armory opens an extra window when clicking on ign time, which can be pinned in Oculus Dash. But not everyone got that.

Ideally I’d like to see both, the rl time and the ingame time, on one wrist-watch (with zoom cuz likely the numbers are too tiny) or so.

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In-game time display has also been a thing I’d like to see added too.

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Not gonna lie, part of the reason I got the watch transmog from mayor kaia was because I thought it was a working watch for in-game or irl time. Now I keep it because it’s dapper, like the top hat.

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Could add time to the b-menu. I’d actually like to see an in-game-time clock.

Hmm, I think the wrist slot could be used as an extra stat score like rings. But that’s an idea too.

A functional watch could just be a transmog.

I too thought the watch transmog was a functional watch x3