Closed Alpha Test 4 Recap; Open Alpha Test Date Announced

There’s a new blog post out today with a recap of the fourth Closed Alpha test, along with a revised testing schedule and the announcement of the Open Alpha weekend. Read on for all the goodies:


Oh, also, a quick note on name reservations for the Open Alpha since it’s bound to get asked, haha.

Basically we will be flagging all Characters that were created prior to the Open Alpha as “established”. All non-established characters will be deleted after the Open Alpha ends. So if you’re a Founder, you’ll be able to create a character once the Closed Beta starts that will become “established” and therefore reserve your name for the live game.

To clarify, we are now categorising:

The prototype of the Alchemy Resource Discipline
Ore harvesting
The in-game tutorial
Player Trading

as “a little less new stuff”. I this speaks volumes about how fast this game is coming together and also how much work the devs have been putting in. I love this game and this community <3


Great stuff! Very excited to check out alchemy and I’m sure many people will appreciate the tutorials. Player trading and ore harvesting are also welcome editions! Maybe a little lackluster compared to all the class reworks we’ve grown accustomed to, but I’ve still got plenty of fishing to catch up on to help stretch the content.

Personally, I’m very excited about the extended closed alpha. I know I won’t be able to play during June 30 and I was pretty bummed about missing the last session. I think it’s great that you guys are dedicated to the quality of the game. I’d much rather wait a little longer for release than see a rushed final product.

Thanks for the update and all of the hard work!

“Closed Beta” : Begins August 18th, 2017

screams externally
tfw no sleepless night during the holidays on Orbus ;_;

Oh well, I guess I’ll just work.

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There’s always the Open Alpha! You can not sleep for 60 hours straight during that! Haha…


Just to make sure I understand, does this mean that the Alpha players will be competing with the Beta players to lock in names when the Closed Beta starts, or does it mean that if we made a character with a given name in Alpha, we’ll be the only ones who can make it in beta?

If you are in the Closed Alpha, your character is locked in (provided you don’t delete it yourself). Even if we reset your progress (e.g. inventory, XP, etc.) the character remains.

When the Open Alpha starts, those characters will still be there so no one can make a character with that name. But they can make a character with any name that’s not taken. Unlike the Closed Alpha characters, though, creating a character during the Open Alpha is not a ‘name reservation’, so after it’s over those names will go back into the available pool.

When the Closed Beta starts, those who join will have their opportunity to lock in their character’s name like you did during the Closed Alpha. You character will still be there at that point so you are not ‘competing’ against the Closed Beta accounts for names.

Let me know if that still doesn’t make sense, haha.


Totally makes sense, thank you!

I’m a bit confused by that ^^;.

Does that mean that a founder member who creates a character during the open alpha could have their character name taken by an epic founder backer if the epic founder creates a character with that name between the open alpha and closed beta?

Does that also mean that a character created during the open alpha by a founder backer would have their character name locked reserved automatically at the start of the closed beta as long as it hasn’t been taken as specified above?

As I understand it (by no means an authority on this). Only an established account will be carried forwards

Yes this would be possible. As the names set in open alpha are not saved. Everything goes back in to the pot after the test.

No I don’t believe so. The only names that will be reserved at the start of the closed beta will be those taken by the alpha testers.

I am very happy to be corrected but this is my understanding


The names of Epic Founder backers wouldn’t go back into the pot, of course. But since you only get one slot, you’d have to use your only slot to make that new character when the Closed Beta started.

Right, only “established” characters (those created during the Closed Alpha) will be reserved when the Closed Beta starts. So even if you’re a Founder, creating a character during the Open Alpha doesn’t do anything to reserve it. You still have to make it again when the Closed Beta starts to officially reserve it. That also means if a free user, for example, creates a character during the Open Alpha with the name you wanted, if they aren’t a Founder you would get to take that name when the Closed Beta starts.

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Ah… Ok cheers :).
I’ve actually just scrolled up and seen Riley’s earlier post stating that characters created during the open alpha will be deleted afterward. I should have read that first instead of asking such a silly question lol.