Closed Beta question

@Riley_D is the plan to have closed beta every 2 weeks with it starting on 8/18? Just trying to make plans and want to keep certain weekends free to play Orbus:)

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Actually I’m not totally sure yet. I think we actually may have longer periods of time between Betas paired with longer-running beta periods. So for example we might do a 3-day Beta test, then not do the next one for 3 weeks, but then have that one last 4-5 days, etc. But that’s not set in stone yet. We’ll have more concrete info on that once we get closed to the Beta.

That sounds cool. 4 or 5 days would be fun.

A 5 day long workout plan!

Having the server up for 4-5 days would be amazing! any plans on having the server up a lot more in the last month(s) of beta??

Yes the goal is that by the end of the Closed Beta the server is up for at least a week at a time if not longer. I imagine it will be up more often than not as we approach Early Access.