Closed Beta Test 1

Hey everyone,

Closed Beta Test 1 begins tomorrow at 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time! (Countdown Clock) Here’s everything you need to know:

Preview Blog Posts

There’s two blog posts you should check out for this test:

Closed Beta Schedule
Closed Beta One Preview

Beta Client Download

(Note that this is the same launcher from the Open Alpha, so if you already downloaded it just launch your existing version to get the new patch.)

Feedback Thread

You can leave your feedback, bug reports, and other questions during the test in this thread:

Patch Notes

The detailed Patch Notes of what changed for this test are available now on the Wiki:

See you in-game tomorrow!

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New patch wont finish installing. its getting stuck at 56/114. tried running it twice now.

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“Error: uunable to download correct file after multiple attempts. couldn’t update to v1.75: error: read econnreset”

Got it working. I guess third times a charm :slight_smile:

There is a new patch that was just released a few minutes ago to fix some last minute bugs. That should be the last patch before we get started this morning. Thanks!

Restart your launcher to make sure you have the latest patch.

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Closed Beta Day Two

Hey everyone!

Thought I would make a quick post since we’re now about a day into the Closed Beta. So far things are going quite well. We are still seeing bug reports of some folks who are having crashes on the client-side; most seem to be out of memory errors which will hopefully be fixed when we upgrade our version of Unity and switch to a 64-bit client during the next test.

Some people are still getting Connection closed by remote host" errors as well…not totally sure what’s causing those, but I may start a specific thread for that later so I can start tracking those down.

However, overall the test is going quite well. We aren’t seeing nearly the level of bugs/crashing that we were during the Open Alpha, and other than some initial issues with the new Friends feature, the server has been rock-solid since we booted it up, with no hard crashes to speak of. So I’m feeling really great about where we are overall in the testing schedule.

To those few of you who are already braving the Desert, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it (the environment, enemies, etc.) I’m sure you’ll be trying to figure out how to track down the new World Boss, but be sure to explore everything as there are some other neat things as well you may not have noticed yet…

Overall I’ll be around sporadically today. I am trying to begin treating these Beta periods the same way that I would when the game is live, meaning I am checking in every couple of hours but I’m not just sitting at my computer for 24 hours straight (since obviously I won’t be able to do that when the game is up 24/7). That way I get a sense of how mature the client/server actually are – do they require constant attention or can they be left alone for large periods of time? So just letting you know that if you have an immediate issue, please feel free to @ me here on the forums and I will get to it as soon as I can, otherwise you will see me popping into threads every few hours to answer questions and diagnose issues.

Keep having fun and I’ll see you in-game!

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Desert is great. We already ran into the world boss as it was already spawned. First time I saw the worms I got really freaked out. Sucker mouths and worm bodies are a phobia of mine, but I got over it. . for the most part haha. Pyramid heads are really unique and I like the aoe abilities. As a group of 3 we were downing them easily even though they’re “Impossible” elite difficulty. I haven’t explored all of it yet, but so far it’s incredible! Oh and the chest/helm warrior gear is sooo cool! Wish I could find the gloves :frowning:


What?! Noooooooo. Clearly the interesting mechanic I have for that is broken, haha. Oh well, good luck defeating it if you try! I will have to make sure the summoning mechanic is working next test, though…

A group of 3 what levels?

Also in general I’m a little torn on what to tune “out in the world” elites for right now. On the one hand the ones in dungeons and Wilds will be tuned for 5-player groups. For ones like that though if we tune them for 5 player groups that would make questing and grinding in those areas for solo or duo players almost impossible. So while they are rated as “impossible” for a single player to take on, if you gang up on them right now, they should be defeatable, haha.

We were level 12s haha. In regards to the world boss. If the summoning mechanic is what I think it is, we summoned it 3 times while leveling. I messaged Robert on discord asking if I was right, but did not received a response.

Well geez sounds like it’s just too easy, then. Good to know. Do you think it’s just that it spends too much time doing AoE attacks which are easy to dodge so you get lots of free time in to get shots on it?

Also while I have you, are you still getting lots of Connection Closed errors? or did that stop after the first part of the test?

the aoe are extremely easy to dodge, though occasionally I’ll get hit when I don’t think I should. Probably tone down the amount of aoe or make them more devastating. I can pretty much dodge an aoe and barrage him with attacks then dodge the next while taking little damage. I have a video of it I can post.

I think i’ve had a few connection closed errors today, but only a couple hard crashes, which I sent logs in for. Most of the connection errors just let me log back in from teh character select and I was eager to play. Much smoother and less errors today. There are times when myself or others will freeze, which I guess is desyncing, so no one can hear us and our abilities stop working. A simple relog fixes it.Also the sword has been MUCH more reliable, though I haven’t played in any group larger than 4 since test start. It was horrible in highsteppe yesterday. I was level 14 when I solod it. Level 12 when the group did it.

Edit: Does the horn only give a shield to allies? Watching the video I never see the shield icon on my buff bar.

That is correct, it’s only allies currently.

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Closed Beta Day Three

Good morning, Orbusians! (Is that what we want to go with? Hmmm…) Another day dawns on our first Closed Beta test.

Yesterday went very well. We had some exciting participation from folks, our first players dinged 16 (wow!), and I think some people even died to the World Boss! Fun times!

So far in the test more than 250 people have participated, which is great. The server has definitely felt pretty populated overall, although this has definitely been a step down from the Open Alpha (which was to be expected).

If you are having frequent crashes in the game (more than every 15 minutes or so) please try this new special build:

Just extract it and run the Launcher. Note that this build won’t stay up to date automatically so you’ll need to switch back to the regular launcher for the next test. I will roll the fixes in that build into the next test’s main build after I have some more time to test the performance implications, but for now if you’re getting those frequent crashes it seems to help a lot.

The main other source of crashes seems to be caused by running up against the 4 GB memory limit of the program being 32-bit. So if you’re getting crashes around once an hour or two, it’s likely that. I’ll be switching us to a 64-bit client next patch which should address that issue.

Other than that, I went through and answered all the forum questions that were posted overnight. Feel free to keep giving us your feedback and questions, but also please just post them in the Closed Beta Feedback Thread, so we can stay better organized.

Have fun!


Closed Beta Day Four

Dawn of the Final Day! Hope everyone is having a blast. It’s been great seeing you all go through all the content, explore the new zone, and meet new friends.

The servers will be up until 11 PM US Central Time tonight (I was going to make a countdown clock but the site I use seems to be down?).

So far around 300 people have participated in the test, so there are more people showing up every day which is great.

Overall things are pretty much the same as they were yesterday in terms of stability. There are still some client crashes happening, mostly due to memory issues, and the server has still been rock-solid.

I did fix an issue that was causing the World Boss in the Desert to spawn way too easily, so just a heads up for those of you hoping to hunt down that beast tonight – you may need to make sure you can get it to summon ahead of time. (Note: It’s still not as difficult to spawn as the original plan, but the way it was working was basically constantly spawning it, so I did make it a little more tricky for now)

Overall, I think the test is going really well! Enjoy your last day in Orbus, and we’ll see you in-game.