Closed Beta Test 3

Hey everyone,

Closed Beta Test 3 begins tomorrow at 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time! (Countdown Clock) Here’s everything you need to know:

Preview Blog Posts

There’s two blog posts you should check out for this test:

Artificing Preview
Wilds Zones and End Game Content

Beta Client Download

Feedback Thread

You can leave your feedback, bug reports, and other questions during the test in this thread:

Patch Notes

The detailed Patch Notes of what changed for this test are available now on the Wiki:

See you in-game tomorrow!


I am going to try to stream this test. Hope it goes well.

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are the servers online? they still show offline for me and this will be my first time playing this game

They should be online now.

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And that’s it for the stream tonight. We had a rough start and had to deal with a half broken vive wand but we hit level 20. I am exhausted.

I’ll stream more tomorrow. Cya all there. :cowboy_hat_face:

So it took you about 15 hours to go from 16-20?

It took around 16 hours with a very dedicated group of 4-5 power levelers.

Not sure why, but I have no ability to post this to the main feedback thread (there is no Reply button).

A few noteworthy issues I’ve seen during the beta:

I have 2 Oculus CV1 systems in the same room and we are playing Orbus from both systems simultaneously. This may be releavent to some of these issues:

Occasionally I will not see the weapon or equipment that the second player is holding in game, but I will see their hand moving around without seeing what is actually being wielded. If the other user removes and re-equips the item then I will see it properly.

Almost every play session we eventually come across an issue where we start to jump uncontrollably to different sections of the nearby area. We end up having to quit Orbus because our head is jumping around but our hands remain stationary so we cannot access any menu functions. It gets worse and worse and we eventually have to force-quit Orbus. Since we are usually in the same area, the issue has often occurred at the same exact time on both systems. We don’t encounter this issue in other games so I doubt that it’s related to having two systems in the same room and believe it is an issue with Orbus itself. It seems to occur the most often after using some sort of teleporter on stairs.

Other than that, I wish that characters did not jump from point to point when they are using slide-based locomotion, or any locomotion for that matter. This is fairly strange looking and makes it difficult to follow a player somewhere. I would much prefer if everyone always appeared to move smoothly to each point so that it’s easier to tell where someone is going.

Did you happen to send in any of the output logs when this was happening? If you didn’t, make sure to do that next time it happens and it will help with tracking this sort of bug down, as it would be hard for us to re-create it in game under the exact circumstances.