Closing the game spikes my memory (SOLVED)

This is very serious in my opinion and I’m not sure if anyone can help me but this needs to be fixed. Every time that I close down the game, remove my headset from my PC and then close the Occulus software, I notice that my memory is being completely used up by something called OVR server something. I know it has to do something with Orbus because well the name and also this only happens when I close the game. This happened the first time I did the same process (I’ve only played twice). Anyway so after I do that process above, the application starts rising in the usage of my memory. I’m glad I caught it the first time because if I hadn’t I’m sure my computer would’ve crashed. I will be pretty much on every forum and community asking about this and trying to see if there is some sort of fix.

Yah, orbus is innocent, that would be oculus software bugging out.

Disconnecting the headset causes it to constantly try to connect, causing this issue. I get a spike in activity when something disconnects.

Hello, like Burnator mentioned, this is the process for the Oculus software/store, so it wouldn’t be anything we have any control over on the Orbus side of things.

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