Collecting Tombstone Breaks Compass

So this is a pretty common bug, since dying can happen quite often. When you die, it creates a blue arrow pointing you to where your tombstone is. When you go collect your tombstone, it permanently attaches the blue indicator to your compass, as if it were a child of the compass. So rotating the compass will rotate the blue arrow too. Also, for some reason, it does the exact same thing with the North arrow. So you get a blue arrow and a copy of the North arrow both rotating alongside the compass. This appears to happen infinitely, so after 5 deaths you’d have 5 blue arrows scattered around and 6 North arrows, where only one is real. This is especially annoying if you were pointing your compass either north or at your tombstone when you collect it, because the arrow’s title will be permanently displayed no matter where else you aim. So once I’ve copied my tombstone’s arrow, if I were pointing at it I will permanently see “Your Tombstone” no matter where else I aim.

Here’s a gif of it after causing the bug. Note that I also activated the “stuck to your hand” bug so it’d be easier to make the gif (not having to hold the button down), but that’s a seperate error and has nothing to do with the tombstone bug:

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