Combat log issues/suggestions

Here are some issues with the combat log that I hope get fixed when the combat log changes happen and some features I would like to get added. I will probably add more when I remember more.
If anyone(cough@NotScottcough) has anything else to add please do.


  • Hardmode ruins of guild city raid doesn’t have a “entered zone” message.
  • Damage from hot foot, virus and probably more do not show up in the combat log.


  • lightning forged and lifesteal both show in the log when they proc, would be nice to have that for all weapon affixes.
  • Grabbing your compass in-game puts your x and z player coordinates in the combat log, could we please get the y coordinates and headset y rotation as well?
  • Would be neat if the current weather of a zone was put in the combat log when you enter it and when the weather changes, tho maybe not have it pop up in your face. For this to be useful it would also need to include the shard name in that message or the entered zone message.
  • a message when you die would be useful.
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Combat log messages just never appear sometimes

Suggestion 1
It would be awesome adding to the combat log what class is attacking.

Suggestion 2
It would be even more awesome to show the potential power of a player. Let me explain. Lets say we have a player with a 30+0 weapon and no re-rolled armour or pots. That is a potential power of 100. Then that player switches to 30+6 weapon and it becomes a potential power of 135. Reflecting an expected 35% dps increase if played the same. Same for pots drank, adding 16% if all pots drank. We can also add armour affixes, weapon affixes and tilesets. But those are too difficult for the scope of showing the potential dps of a player. What can be added is adding the potential power to a higher number for every attack, based on the buffs available on the enemy and player at that time. So basically in the code grabbing the total dps multiplier and sticking it to the combat lines :sweat_smile:

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