Community Manager Introduction

Hi folks! I’m the new Community Manager for OrbusVR and I joined the team today. I wrote a short post if you’d like to know more about me here:

For the moment, there won’t be any major changes to what we do and how we communicate, so I’ll be here to get to know you all better and to see what you’d like to know or see improved, whether it’s anything from the community forums, to bug tracking or support channels, or even other places you’d like to see us and interact with us.

Please let me know how you feel about the game as well. Glad to meet you all!


Congratulations and welcome to the community!

If you have any interest in conversing with everyone on a more frequent and informal level I’d like to invite you to join the unofficial discord where several of us hang out and chat about the game.


Fellow Canadian here ! Welcome my friend, hope we’ll see each other in-game.

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Glad to be here! I joined, lovely people in there, I’m excited to be part of it.

Hello Mathieu, and Congrats on your new position! With great power comes great responsibility (hehe), and thus, I must ask how I might go about messaging you directly on this forum, if that is, of course, possible. I have tried and don’t see a link to do so… and I’m semi computer savvy, so I feel defeated in my attempts. :frowning:

Also congrats.
Also, Hi!
Also, thanks. :slight_smile:

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@thepunkwriter, I’m starting to feel like we should have the orbus logo as our avatars :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! if you click my name above the post, it should make a little pop up appear with a Message button at the top right. Does it display for you?

You’re welcome!

Also, I click your name and a pop-up appears, but no button to message. :frowning:

Perhaps you can message me, and I can reply? :slight_smile:

I see. I researched it and the forum software we use right now assigns a “new user” role to people who have just registered, after a little while they get the “basic user” role which opens up private messaging. I’ll look into changing this requirement since it’s a little restrictive particularly if new players need to bring something up.

I’ll bump you up to basic user right now.

Should be able to send me a message now.

Tell me about it. Might give us a degree of professionalism :wink:


Welcome Mathieu and congratulations! Best of luck to you, and hopefully I will see you in game :slight_smile:

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You should all use the Orbus logo as base of the avatar, but add your own touch to it so we can still distinguish you guys. :slight_smile:


Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome !

I actually already tried to make that happen. My MS Paint skills are superb.



I’m surprised they didn’t take you on as an artist!

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