Complete Bard Rework


I feel the bard gameplay lacks a consistent theme, something to bring it all together. A way to make the player feel like they are actually out there on the battlefield doing something. That theme should be a tribal one. Where in history do we see music with as much mysticism as tribes with their spiritual boogie downs.

The instrument could be replaced with a set of drums carried along the waist with a brace much like in a marching band, sitting lower on the player and looking more realistic as a mobile instrument. This visual would add to both the players line of sight, and their immersion.

The sound of drums being an obvious upgrade from the xylophone. Deep war beats and groovy rythm would be much less annoying and much less repetitive, especially in long epic battles. The banging can be as random as it needs to be and it would still make any combat feel like an ancient warzone.

As far as gameplay, of little colored balls falling down your screen from nowhere that represent what notes to hit totally take you out of the game. It could be replaced with roaming little spirits, flying out of the air around you and possessing your drums. Making each drum glow bright for a moment to signal where to hit as the spirit enters it, then fading rather quickly. Rewarding the player with ghostly sparks on a good hit and more visually incentivising them to keep up the beat as well as making it visually easier to follow along.

Not only would the translucent nature of the spirits once again allow the player to see what they are doing better, but would also give more meaning to the bards magic. Your healing and hurting, calling on the magic of the spirits of the world. Much more impacting. It would feel like you’re really summoning powers from the elements to bring about your victory.

And now for the ‘instruments’ the little floating metal balls that let you decide your effects. Instead of just hanging out below your instrument and largely getting away, they should be invisible, called up by tapping your sticks together like a drummer keeping time, and then sent away just as fast. Keeping your screen clear once again, so you can see whats what.

Finally, when playing and keeping up your rythm, the range of your hurts and heals should be visible, and how better than a circle of boogieing spirits, color coded to your effects, allowing you to more tactically place yourself and keep your allies and enemies within check. Seeing the loose circle of green little translucent ghostlies swirling around your whole area of effect.

Of course it could all be client side and only visible to the bard.

A veritable spiritual boogaloo none the less.

And really. I cannot stress enough how much nicer it would be to be playing a low drum beat, than a xylophone.


A good idea imho…but if the devs have the time to quite completely rework a whole class is questionable :neutral_face:

I would love to play war drums for sure


I’ve read through this and can say that no I disagree. my main class is bard It is fun and relaxing to play whilst being an interesting class when you try different combinations. the only thing I can say that needs improvement is that the orbs always being the same when doping not caring instruments are equipped. they always follow the same song. bard is one of my favourites and is the one I prefer to play at the moment. if they add more instruments and make it so crescendos hit the enamys (they are continuing to miss half the bosses in the game unless you jump a foot or stand up.)

I can easily say that having a low beat drum would pretty much ruin the relaxing aspect of the class and be much more annoying. there are settings to turn the bards effects off if its others playing it that you don’t like but as someone who currently mains bard I can say I very much like bard as is. instead of asking for reworks suggest it as a new class what your suggesting can make a good dps stile of class


The sad thing for me is that I wanted the bard to be my main class, but I wanted to memorize riffs and cast spells on demand (musical runemage healer).


This would have been way cooler than the mini-game of marimba-hero.


So you object to the change of tone, that’s fair. But what about adding to your tactical line of sight by moving the instrument down and hiding the effect choices. Or making the falling notes transparent and more visually appealing. And allowing you to see your area of effect more clearly.


it should have anchor orbs to alow for movement. making the notes transparent is pointless it would make them harder to see. maybe adding a slider.
on a personal preference I like the appearance of the orbs I can’t think of a benefit to modifying them.
I’m not too sure what you mean by your aoe but my guess is stuff like the super. that will usually fill a boss room, there are exceptions like raid boss rooms but its easy to figure out where to sit for the best benefit to the party. like the enemy level agro areas you learn to guess its reach and where to move for it.

(on note on adding a “tactical line of sight” in terms of a guide line, it would make the class way to easy. the crescendos move in a near strate line anyway so there is little to no reason it is a quick thing to learn.)


Turn the xylophone into a guitar and I guarantee bard will be the most popular class among new players. Xylaphone hero to guitar hero. Or, ya know, options of where you want stuff similar to how most games give a UI customization option. Custom placement vs ‘guitar’ placement vs ‘xylaphone’ placement vs etc.
As far as drums vs xylaphone, not only do the drums and spirits sound like some form of heal shaman, I do agree that they could change the sounds really easily with a tenor\bass slider for client side. With that alone they could open up the game to different pitches and tones, they could even do (out of combat) real VR bands, if they allow the change to carry outside client side only.

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Another Bard main here. It’s working just fine as is. Maybe, MAYBE allow us to reposition everything to clear the line of sight, but I honestly don’t have any issues with sight whatsoever.

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Unless I’m misunderstanding you should be able to do this already by going into your general settings and enabling “Relocation Anchors”. This will cause little blue orbs to appear that you can grab and move to relocate the tool/class item they’re attached to.


We can move stuff?! I can throw that compass somewhere else finally and not grab it instead of my lifewell orb?!

…for me, at least.

We can move stuff! I no longer have to fumble with loading my compass/pickaxe in my musket instead of orbs! I just became a drastically better musketeer! Thank you damage!!


I know it would take a bit of work for the devs but I think it would be super sweet if the bard had more instruments they could play. Even if it was only a simple mechanic, the variety would be nice


In that case, I have no complaints about Bard, and think it’s working exactly as intended.

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