Computer system specs?

What is everybody using? I’m building a new PC for the game and I was curious,
I will have an i7 6700k with 16gb of ddr4. I assume that’s plenty. But graphics wise?
I was thinking I would need an Nvidia gtx 1080, is that overkill or basically needed?

I’ve got the same processor and ram with an Nvidia gtx 980 ti and I had no problems running it.
A 1080 is not necessary for this, but if you can afford it and aren’t planning on upgrading your gfx card for a while, then a 1080 should be fine.

I’ve got the same processor and a GTX970 and the game runs fine


GTX 680 (classified) and the game still works fine :stuck_out_tongue:

But I would still recommend a better graphics card then mine.

I play on a laptop. I7 6820k with 32gb of RAM and a 1080 gtx, and Orbus runs great.

r9 390 and i5 6600k oc runs the game well even with 20 people near me.

I7 6700k
32gb ddr4
Gigabyte xtreme Gtx 1080
I had orbus running from my solid-state ran flawless graphic wise

Supersampling was also at 2x using advance options. So far I’ve never had to turn it down.

All 3 computers I’ve tested it on run without issue, though they are rather high spec. I still have to test it on a fourth with a 970M.

i7 6700k
16gb ddr4
GTX 1080

Development (2 identical computers)
i5 5430
16gb ddr3
GTX 1070

All performed extremely well, slowdowns appeared to be due to loadtimes or latency only.

Game runs great with my current build.

i7 6700k
980 Ti

Here’s a link to the full build if anyone’s curious. I built it a little over a year ago and am pretty proud of it.

Intel I7-6850K (6Cores)
Win10 Pro 64Bit
32GB of RAM (DDR4)
asus GTX1080-A8G

Thanks for sharing all of that everyone, that’s all good for us to know!

Found some more interesting stats:



Same as Scaithe

Gtx 970
With an I7 6700

Had no issues at all with any game I have played on the oculus…

GPU: R9 390 8gb
CPU: i7 5820k

i5-4440s, 3.2 GHz 4-core, GTX 1070, 16GB DDR3 RAM, will be upgrading to an i7-4790s 4.0GHZ 4-core, 8-thread

Even with my current setup though, the game runs like butter.

CPU: 17 7700k
GPU: 1080 ti

Ryzen7-1800x, 32GB DDR4, evo960 M.2(M), NVidia Titan-x (Pascal)…

Runs fine.

edit=correct faulty user memory

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I didn’t have any problems with the stress tests on my AMD FX9370, 8gb DDR3, and GTX970. I’m packing a 1080Ti now though.

How do you like the Ryzen?

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I like it. I had strayed to AMD back in the late 90s for a bit and was less pleased than with intel. My next couple computers were Intel-based. This time I thought I might give AMD another try since it’s been a while and the -1800x has similar performance to an 8-core intel for half the price. (I know there’s still a lot of debate about compared performance.) Regardless, it is a substantial upgrade from the i7 920 system I built 6 or 7 years ago and replaced with it.

The chief problem I had with the Ryzen was that although I had the processor by mid-March, every AM4-socketed Asus RoG motherboard in the world was sold out and back-ordered. I did eventually get my Crosshair VI Hero in early April. #firstworldproblems

I don’t think I’ve really stressed the system, yet. This setup is built for overclocking, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet… (pardon the mess) I really built it to run Star Citizen which it does amazingly, but it does a good job with the Vive, too. It should get a performance bump on games once the major 3D engines start embracing the Pascal microarchitecture.

If you don’t see the Vive, it’s because it’s in the den below the office. I’m running active HDMI x 2 and USB3 through the floor and wall and plug the Vive into the wall of the basement den. SteamLink has an excellent VR mode which streams video and audio to the big screen TV down there. Interestingly, the SteamLink VR mode is generally a better viewing experience than the on-monitor view from most games. The link re-renders what the Vive user sees, rather than just reproducing the game’s on-monitor window. Most notably, Google Earth’s interface is awful on the monitor but looks great on the SteamLink.

edit: Also, CPU on the wall is superior with small children so they can’t push the power button while I game…