Congratulations on OrbusVR making top 3 multiplayer VR game tonight

Making our way from number 5 to number in 3 in top multiplayer VR games tonight.

Congratulations everyone. At this rate with such active devs and community, we will surely take that number 1 spot soon.

Thanks to Riley and all the devs for their hard work.


Congratulations, I’m sure it will increase to number one spot once it releases to oculus store. Thanks too the community and the developers for making this game amazing.

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its already no1 slot at the moment on steam

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Congrats everyone! Invite all your friends!!!

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That is great news! All I hear when I’m walking around Highstep is all the new people talking about how cool the game is. I was trying to catch some sunfish yesterday and it was hard to find a spot!

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