"Connection closed by remote host" after avatar login

After logging in to my avatar from the startup screen I see only a sun and white fog with a “Level 0” bar, then after a few seconds a window saying “Connection closed by remote host” pops up. I was able to log in past this on a couple occasions, but 70% of time I am stuck here.

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Gunna request some details that might help the dev-

Are you running Super Sampling?
Which headset are you on?
Steam or Oculus home? (Obv steam if its a vive)
Can you give computer specs?

Sure, thanks.
– No supersampling
– Oculus Rift
– Same things happens through both, mainly running through Steam
– Intel i5-7400@3Ghz, Radeon RX580, Windows 10

Oops could you post that information in the Mega-Thread for frequent crashes? Megathread: Frequent Crashes

It also asks you send the contents of this -
If you downloaded via Steam, it’s located at:

(Steam Library Folder)\steamapps\common\OrbusVR\vrclient_Data\output_log.txt

to riley@orbusvr.com

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