Consistant bluescreens while runing Orbus

Since I got out to where the Wyverns were I was playing fine for a while. Then I got a bluescreen (CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT) and every time I start the game since.

It’s not a normal error for me, though I was playing fine yesterday. I don’t get any bluescreens unless I start up Orbus. It happens as soon as the world is loading. I’m not sure if it’s a beta bug or not. So I’m just reporting it here.

ya thats a new one, make sure you send your output log from the launcher so we can track it down

I just went back to the launcher and submitted it. I’ve been using my PC just fine for everything for a while (without launching Orbus). I’ll try to launch the game after I do a registry scan and send any crash reports I get.

I’ve tested my system with another VR game and it seems to be blue screening for everything. I did a system restore to a couple of weeks ago and was able to run a game. So I’m thinking it may not have been Orbus or Orbus may have just triggered something.

Yeah that’s strange…I can’t think of anything we’d be doing that would trigger something as serious as a blue screen.

It seems fine after the system restore last night.