Constant oculus quest crashes

Hi Orbus,

I’m sure you’ve heard more than enough people make threads about issues with crashing on the Occulus Quest, but I’ve tried everything I could find and the problem’s gotten worse to the point that I can’t continue playing the game.

It went from crashing occasionally, to roughly once an hour, and now today it’s already every 20 minutes or as fast as 3 minutes in. After one crash I reopened that game, and it crashed immediately again.

I’ve tried rebooting the Quest after crashing/starting orbus straight from booting up to try and see if it was just a memory issue, but since I’ve started doing that things have actually gotten worse. Unless there’s anything else that I can try I’m thinking that I’ll just have to put the game down for a while and try it again later in the year.

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Sounds fair. If your crashing alot the only thing I can think of is trying to keep rebooting the quest until you stop crashing. Because rebooting the quest is just RNG if it works or not. So keep trying… If that is just too much, then I wouldn’t blame you to wait until this problem is fixed hopefully in about a year.

I just created Connection closed by remote host... Please restart the game to reconnect!. Maybe it’s related?..

Hi, we’re sorry about the issues and frustration, and we’re definitely still looking at finding the causes. Unfortunately, the huge divergence between people’s experiences makes it really tough to pinpoint them.

One quick thing you could try before giving up entirely, would you be able to try playing on a different wifi network? Like tethered to your phone, for example. It might help as some players have experienced constant DCs and sometimes those can look like crashes.

Sure, I’ll be at my parents this evening and can try it there and see how it goes. Sometimes I glimpse what looks like a possible error box between the game crashing and it returning to the Quest home hub, but it happens too fast to read it, so it could potentially be a WiFi issue.

This is a good idea that I will also try. I’ve purchased on Quest and Steam and while I have had the disconnect issue on my steam setup, it is very frequent for my Oculus Quest.

I was thinking about setting up a different WiFi router I have sitting around hoping that might fix the issue.

I’ve also considered the disconnects could be related to accessing the same Orbus account via two different market systems. Not sure. I echo the frustrations of the OP, and after having played the demo and buying on steam, I hyped the game to friends and family over the holidays only to be presented with disconnect issues very frequently.

I have a lot of solid equipment that I would be willing to help test build fixes for this. I am fortunate enough to simply play the game on a different headset when the Oculus Quest version craps out.

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