Content Roadmap Q1-Q2 2020

Hi folks, today we posted a new article detailing what we’re working on in the coming months and what kind of content you’ll be able to try out.

We talk about the next part of the main story quest with the second half of the Explorer’s League quest chain restoring outposts and trade throughout the world, the Spring Festival (flowers!), and a new thing we’re trying in Q2, which is a Mini Story Pack, expanding the game with new zones, quests, enemies, and more!

Check it out.


That sounds all awesome for questers and solo play, I will definitly get the dlc… any new group content planned tho, dungeons or such?

Read the article, I am looking forward to this!

From the DLC ‘You will also be able to sift through five new “mini” levels, including one dungeon’ - any info on what level this dungeon is and if it will be able to do shards? Then if it is able to do shards how will that work for people without the DLC?

The spring event looks nice can’t wait to smell the virtual flowers.

‘including improving performance on the Quest, crashes on Quest and PC’ - Anything like a crash report tool on the way? I crash often and find its a nuisance manually sending in reports so would really like a crash reporter.

Overall this all looks good :grin:


And yea, what Ewok said, are we forced to buy the dlc to do group content (dungeons? one dungeon? a normal dungeon? shards? I hardly think this will work out with a part having the dlc and a part not… it all sound rather like single-content) ? This is all very cryptic.

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Any plans to increase the dram cap any more? (Please) Or more character slots?

Will there be new raid content this year?

Will we see graphic improvements for PCVR? Advanced settings?

Will the achievements just be in-game achievements or will we also see new steam achievements with the DLC?

The in-game report tool was a great start but doesn’t help with crashes on PC or getting kicked to dashboard on quest (happens a lot for me but can’t report it)

Any plans to add anything to help with play retention?


:heart::heart::heart: flowers, climbing, new areas, some returning mobs, some new :heart::heart::heart:


I’d like to know how these “mini-levels” will effect game play.

  1. Will the etxra levels create an un-fair advantage for those who didn’t buy the DLC, pvp and overworld?


  1. Would this DLC locked content give anyone an unfair advantages?

Also this splits the playerbase content wise since not everyone will buy the DLC. This will lock new content to DLC players if the content requires the DLC. This is reminiscent of “games as a service” model and I hope you guys stay on the right side of it. Seeing as the DLC is only $10, I’m excited about it.

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I mean, all MMO’s run into this. There’s no way around it if you want more and more content. It has to be paid for some how.


This seems fine. It’s literally an expansion pack to one of the most content heavy vr games. If they choose to add a hidden class or something that could still play along with the other classes or non-dlc players, that’d be fine too. I guess they’ll need to think about how to balance shards if they add a shard capable dungeon there.

They’re probably being cryptic cause I doubt they themselves have decided how it’s going to work.

Climbing mechanic sounds awesome, there’s been a bunch of time in Orbus where I’ve thought “It’d be so cool if I could physically scale this mountain”


Yep, I understand that. I’m just airing on the side of cation.

LOL paying…HAHAHAHAHAHA not going to happen here, the only paying I will do is for a new game! :stuck_out_tongue:

X3 see, I’m wondering about the dyes … if they are just different colours then I’ll be disappointed. Once you add money to the equation, expectations rise. That’s why I’m being cautious about the whole thing. It’s not a matter of “it’s nice that this was added”, it’s also a matter of “is the amount of content worth my money”. $10 is 1/4 of the price for the base game so i expect at least 1/4 of content imo.

From what the road map tells me, $10 sounds like a good number for the amount of content. If content isn’t re-used heavily from the base game that is.

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i’m out…

I’ve spent near 1400 hours in this game after paying under $30 for it. I’m more than happy to pay ten bucks for new content. Look at other MMOs that require a monthly subscription and how much it ends up costing each player.

An initial cost of 40 and another 10 for DLC and unlimited play home is cheaper than a few months of other MMOs, or the upfront cost of most games. This is a killer deal!


with other vrmmo’s in the horizon… i’m still out. The only Orbus I am willing to pay for is to bring back the OG.

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You used to be able to do that in oldbus, Two warriors both level 15 could scale any mountain if you had hours to kill. It was definitely not intended but was great fun.


we need to have turret sword rush back.

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You can do that alone now with the shaman talent that let’s you teleport to your totems.

Oo exciting that we get new content. I gotta hand it to the devs, for the only mmo vr game out there, they could’ve gone the easy route and just added lazy recolours of weapons or just more micro transactions for transmogs (I’m not opposed to that mind you) but it’s really nice that you guys are still adding new content for us. I know you guys have busy lives out there too, so thank you