Continuation boss names missing and missing combat log lines

Can confirm now that the names of the bosses in the combat log will only be missing for Ancient Temple and Abandoned Mine dungeons on both bosses. Happens sharded and unsharded and happens very often. Would guess 1/4 bosses.

Another thing I would like to add (combat log related) is that I noticed that if you compare 2 combat logs off 2 ppl, that their total damage done on an enemy is sometimes different. This is because sometimes a combat log line is missing by one of the two players. I notice that a log line is missing more often when an enemy is moved around. I am guessing the client is missing that a projectile is hitting the enemy and doesn’t log it? Can give ppl different results in their view of how they are doing and is not the greatest thing. It seems to happen mostly for the player with the combat log that some lines are missing of their own damage.


Can confirm, the last boss in mines did not have a name yesterday in the combat log. This makes it particularly tricky to find out what happened during the fight.

Hopefully this can get resolved.

Also i did notice a difference in combat logs as well despite being in the same dungeon in the same area, this is something i have only noticed recently, although it may have been happening before. I can imagine that this is because combat logs are written based on client side perspective, which may not be entirely accurate. This part is not really an issue, just an inconsistency, as in it may say someone missed a spell when shooting at a boss and another person’s may say it hit.

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These inconsistencies just give me more options to choose from when saying what my DPS is!
In other news, did you guys hear about my 120k DPS the other day? It was something else… Depending on who’s log you looked at :smiley:

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