Controller settings: turn speed and fwd/back omission from second controller


After playing through the first stag quest I had a want for some settings to better control my movement. If these are already configurable in a settings.ini file or other way, perhaps someone could tell me how to make these changes.

#1: Adjustable maximum turn speed / controller sensitivity. I find this setting missing from a majority of the games I’ve played. Tapping even slightly off-center moves me at least 30deg and I am always having to tap left and right to face an object. In combat, if I accidentally touch the touchpad I rotate the target out of view! Perhaps add a slider to set the maximum turn rate of the controller that does the turning?

#2: Currently when set to strafe (left) and turn (right) both controllers allow forward and back movement. Could there be added a setting to disable the forward / back movement from the controller with turn? That would feel more natural to me.

(I use an HTC Vive system.)


Sure, I am going to be adding some more options to the Locomotions Settings, I will look into adding these as well if I can.


Adding onto this, I haven’t seen it anywhere but it looks like the Runemage wand overrides the Left strafe, right smooth turning option. I’m not sure if that’s intentional due to how the runemage enters spells, but I’d like the option if its possible. If it is interfering, perhaps just a larger dead zone with the wand.

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That’s cool and all…

But do mine first ^_^v!

+1 to this, default speed made me quite ill (and i do not usually suffer from vr sickness)

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