Convert oculus key to steam key?


Is there any chance of getting a Steam key if I purchased this through the oculus store? I love the game and I prefer locomotion over teleport… problem is with this game for some reason I have trouble stomaching the movement.

I really like the natural locomotion program for other games and it’s done wonders for cutting down on motion sickness (and increasing exercise) but it only works with steam vr games (adding orbus to steam as a “non steam game” still doesn’t work with natural locomotion. I tried to fake walk in place as I move, but it’s just not the same.

I cant really throw another $40 at the game even though I’d love to support the dev team more. Maybe someone else has come up with a way to get Natural Locomotion working with a rift store version of the game? I’ve googled all over and cant find a way.


you’re never going to be able to play end game content with that movement method… but good luck. in fact, teleporting is mandatory for all of the content, as you can only avoid aoes with the teleport. It is basically built into the entire balance of the game.


Oh I dont mind using teleport for specific cases when its needed, I just prefer when I’m out and about to “go for a stroll”

Plus Natural Locomotion allows to still use both teleport and stick movement at the same time. It’s a nice addon, not a replacement.


Natural locomotion might not work for orbusvr even with a steam version if you have an oculus as you cannot open steamvr on the steam version if using an oculus. Even going out for a stroll as you say would not be helped because optimal teleporting is slightly faster. There is no need for natural locomotion.


SteamVR works with an Oculus Rift just fine. I have plenty of other games on Steam that my Oculus works with perfectly. Also, I have checked, Natural Locomotion works with Steam versions of Orbus using a Rift. They just released an updated Orbus profile recently and the people I’ve talked to said it’s great.

I’m quite sure teleporting is faster, but i’m not looking to min/max my travel time. It’s more about getting immersed in the game and getting some exercise. Trust me, if you’ve tried out Natural Locomotion with other games like Skyrim, Fallout, Solus Project, The Forest, etc you’d understand. Even though you are walking in place, it really makes you feel like you are just walking through the world and that would be pretty neat in Orbus as well.


as far as i know you’ll have to buy the game again, the devs did say that there should be a sale next steam winter sale so if you wait a bit you can get it a bit cheeper. also there is a strange thing with steamVR and orbus when using a rift, if you launch the game normally it’ll start the game and start steamVR, but the game wont actually be running through steamVR. they’ll just both be open at the same time.
in order to make it run through steamVR you need to right click orbus in the steam menu, go to properties and in the general tab there is a button that says “set launch options” click it and you get a window where you can enter some text, type “-vrmode openvr” and the game will run throug steamVR.

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