Cooking: A taste of VR


I get what you’re saying but I don’t think we should use WoW as a frame of reference. Orbus is entirely unique because of the VR element and it really changes up how everything works. Frankly if it wasn’t a VR game it would be terrible. The VR is clearly core to the design choices and I think cooking would benefit from it the same way the rest of the game has.
The alchemy system is super neat, and while it needs a few quality of life changes (batch production, maybe a heat toggle for the pot) with those same quality of life upgrades I think cooking would be just as neat. Besides, it adds something to houses.


While cooking is cheap, Blizz also recognize that some players do enjoy collecting recipes, finding sometimes rare ingredients, and bringing a little something extra to the table(sorry) in groups. Rather than everyone arguing whether or not it’s fun, we could instead agree that some players enjoy it while others do not want to be forced to commit time to it when they feel it is a chore and go from there!!!

Make it easy to trade food - make the buffs small but still nice. Take the time component and whittle it down to make it more accessible to all players, including casuals.

That being said, I think the devs have a solid plan as it stands, and would prefer to see other things before we get cooking, which is similar to alchemy if you need to fill that crafting consumables urge!


If cooking worked like Zelda BOTW (but modified so it doesn’t take away much time for a player to get into it), then I am all for it.

  • Cooking is nearly instant as to not waste your time (cooking in real life takes so much time, I cook all the time and I agree with Fern that anything that simulates real life to the point where its that much work is a hard :hell no"), No waiting around for the temp of the water to change colors or any mini games.
  • Recipes have their own “book” in their house that magically stores what you’ve discovered through experimentation or practice
  • Cooking itself has its own chest, with a modified UX so that you can easily put recipes together that you’ve already discovered by showing matching recipes with selected ingredients being placed into the slots.
  • It has recipes that both assist potions but also a wide variety of options for socialization enjoyment (I think this last point is a hidden gem in VR that food can invoke even if people aren’t RPing)
  • Many common recipes are lore based, aka slips of paper scattered in populated areas where you’d expect food
  • All the creatures drop some type of body part that can be cooked up,
  • Does not take up valuable weight space unless inventory sizes are vastly expanded

Neil_A has good ideas.


Wow @Corgi_C, you’ve convinced me that cooking could be implemented in such a way that it facilitates social player interaction, without detracting from competitive play as a mandatory time sink. We sort of already have items that can be used for this function, such as giant and chameleon potions, but the more’s the merrier. If cooking was ever to come about, the ability to cook in a communal setting would be neat, so that it could be a group activity instead of a solitary affair like the other professions are.


Just continuing the social idea with 2 thoughts:

  1. In WoW there are types of player-made foods called “Feasts” which you set down on the ground (they magically include a table & dining ware, hehe) and your entire party/raid can each click on it to consume to get a buff after 10 idle seconds. So it could be neat to have those in Orbus and see people flock to the feast. =)

  2. Cooking fires/hearths in main cities (Highsteppe, Guild City…) would be nice and allow for players to watch and teach others how to cook. I think large alchemy pot in cities would be nice for this, too. (I walked a friend through his first successful Health Potion brewing by partying up and using the voice chat to tell him what to do and when and I was obviously unable to watch him in his home.)
    But the UI might have to be re-done for this idea, since currently you put your ingredients in a chest and they appear on the table to brew potions with. I imagine there could be technical issues with doing that in a public area…!

However, I’d still prefer other professions and gameplay things be added or improved long before adding cooking. :wink:


Yeah! And to build on what you and Jinx have said, something like a community feast could be put on by Fellowships - inviting a group of warriors and mages just back from the wilds to a welcome feast that all players could attend and get a buff.

In your case Fern, having seen your posts elsewhere also, maybe the feast will require someone to hack free a few juicy bits with sharp steel out in the wilds - like bringing back the Boar to complete the spread! No toiling over the virtual stove necessary, just allies and bloodlust!


They could always implement cooking in the current alchemy table, Add some Sun Fish on yellow, a little sprinkle of Reedflute on red and finish the seasoning off with some Queen’s ear on green, For a cooked Sunfish which gives +x% max health, buff, whatever. Maybe Green bass could be max stamina etc.

(Didn’t read all the other comments just the original post)


Although right now it’s important for end game content as a buffing mechanic which is part of why I see @Fern’s concern.

Personally I’d be more interested in a tailoring profession. I’d be making the most amazing outfits ever - just saying. I could have my own clothing line. This needs to happen yikes


I don’t think tailoring will be a thing since later on down the line they plan to sell cosmetics, which i assume will include outfits.


Adding cooking is a great idea. Sure, not everyone will want to do it, but that is okay-- I’m sure they wouldn’t turn away some stat or ability enhancing food! The more tradeskills you add to the game, the more immersive it will be, and thus, the more time people will want to spend in the game world.


I would love a cooking class. It’s fun and gives us a break from fighting all the time. Just please don’t force it on players. Make it like fishing. I would really love the addition of a cooking class because not everyone likes fishing, alchemy or crafting. They aren’t bad. They just aren’t for anyone. Also give food duration. I’d rather cook and give it to players to eat. Just to show my appreciation for that player. Oh it can be fun in vr with gestures but let those gestures be really easy. I would love to spend hours just on cooking. That doesn’t mean that cooking should be time consuming. It should be fast but worthwhile. Also please don’t make feasts. I don’t want tables to pop out of the floor. I much rather give the food to the others. Maybe give us a hungerbar which runs out after 3 - 4 hours. Again doesn’t have to be because I don’t want to force it on anyone. Also make the difference between a newcomer to cooking and a veteran obvious. Maybe by adding levels.

Just some inspiration: (starts at 00:58) (I don’t own this video. I just posted it for informal use. I also don’t gain anything out of this.)


Hmm the Idea is good, also when you look at Monster Hunter, you can cook to increase Stamina that would not rly effect PvP okey just a little but also this is an MMORPG so it would be cool to achive more Trading with other people and special classes like cooking, also you could add a lvl system for crafting so the more you craft the more you get out of it bc you getting better with it. After a time when you reach lvl 5 like in alchemy you can make a Health Potion II. So you can use it on your own or sell it like i said already Trading :smile: Also my opinion is that it is realy hard to lvl so you need to specialize on 1 thing like alchemy cooking crafting “Swords Bows Wands Armor” so we get more Trading … I love trading x)


Yeah it would cause for more trading. Therefore it enhances the social aspect of the game. I think that those things are really important in mmorpg.
Yes, it can be done with a leveling system or a talent tree or something else.


@Alex_F i,m already like you.

The talant tree is also a good idea like you can specialize more like the Health potion gets more Healing or Healing over time MORE TRADING :3 sry i just want to trade but just a simple 2D plate would look realy ugly like in normel non-vr mmorpg. So we could add in the basement a table where you can move runes to skill it something like that.


I really like the Idea of being able to go all-in profession and trading, have the possibility to enjoy the game without necessary be the hero in the front line. Like in SAO.

I have to comment on the video tho… English voice… that was really disturbing… :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble but I don’t think cooking would be a good idea in the current state of OrbusVR right now.

If cooking is used for healing then it would potentially take from the musketeer class.
If cooking is used for buffs why not have alchemy do that? I mean potions sound a bit more magical and buff inducing than food (unless it is magical food…hm…).

If you guys want to sell cooking to the developers I would recommend finding other uses for cooking. Lure’s, hunting, quest, growing a pet or keeping it, exp boosting?, idk.


Cooking can have a number of good uses in this game, and it would certainly fit the theme of a VR mmorpg.
Running speed, small health regeneration, anything…
Also Blacksmithing sounds awesome!
People who are concerned with min//max are just plain silly, by that logic we should give out free aged healing potions too because it’s min/max already. We could never add new stuff that did anything other than cosmetic if we need to think about the people who dont want to put in any effort but still have everything.

It’s a role playing game, it’s meant to be taking time and actually simulate the real deal. Otherwise I could just play any number of non vr mmorpgs.


I just like cooking for what it is. Fun. It can add something totally new to the game. I actually do not want it to be a buff or for healing, because than some players feel obligated to do it. It should have a different use.
I think that a lot of player would like the addition of cooking. Otherwise this thread would not be so active.
To be honest, wouldn’t it be nice if someone would give you food (for which they spend their time and brain on) after a nice victory? I would appreciate it.


For those saying that this would mean you’d need to fish:
No it wouldn’t. Do you fish now for potions or just buy them? It’d be the same after this, right?


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