Copyright issues with youtube/livestreaming please help

I live stream in orbus often and 3 of the stream now say “Includes copyrighted content” next to them, all of the copyright is for music by JDBArtist the songs are “The Middle Kingdom-23958 - JDBArtist”, “Eastern Winds-23958 - JDBArtist” and the last one is the same as the second one. So what I would like to know is are thees actually used and do we have permission to have them on in live streams because there are in-game background music. This is an important issue for me because I like livestreaming in orbus and this is the first time this has happened to me.

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I’m not too sure but its a great idea for you to just turn off the background music while you’re streaming. Since the music is copyrighted Orbus can’t really help you with this problem unless they change the music.

Thank you for letting us know. One thing we are lacking right now is more ambient and sfx sounds in the world of orbus, that being said I had purchased some music off the unity asset store a few days before going into EA. Those two songs were were both part of a pack I purchased. I will remove them from the game for now until we can get to the bottom of this or find different music to use. Again sorry for any problems this caused and the next patch (hopefully today) will solve this problem. If you would like to keep playing and streaming until the patch the two places the music is used is in the town of the twins from the flute player, and in the first desert town with the giant stone face.

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thank you for this and sorry about the inconvenience that it courses.

No problem at all glad to find out now after 1 day then after 1 year of having it in game, we support anyone that is showing the game off to the world, so thank you for that.


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