Couldn't see friend

Hi there,
I’m new to the game and i just bought it with a friend. We downloaded and immediately started it with the intention of playing together but we couldn’t see each other in game!
I know the first place is instanced but when we got in the city we were supposed to be in the same server, right? Cause all the people there also said there was only one server and it was strange we couldn’t see each other. But it seemed like he was on a completely different server so please, can you explain to me how to meet him so i can add him to the friend list?
Thank you in advance

There’s only one server, but there are different “shards” in high populated zones. Menu, third setting (the one that looks like a group of people), bottom option is Shards. You have to be in the same shard to see each other.

If there’s more than 60 people in a particular zone it’ll break into several shards, so sometimes you’ll end up in different shards.

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To add to Mishkas post there’s almost always 2 or more shards in highsteppe so it common to have to move shards when looking for a friend in town.

So I understand that there’s a way to change shard, right? If so how do you do it?

Oh ok that makes much sense! Thank you so much

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Just click on the shards you want to join and hit join :slight_smile:

Ahaha sorry when i asked I wasn’t in game so i didn’t know it was so simple! :smiley: