Couple of Bugs during playthrough tonight

I’ll add more on playthroughs when I think I’ve found some legit bugs so you guys have lists of them.

  1. The turret on the musketeer will sometimes show the opposite color from what is happening before you throw it up in the air.

  2. You can shoot mobs from above hilltops (I’m assuming they are meant to be different areas), hit them, cause the attack music to happen, and then it stops because they have no way to get to you. Not sure if that is intended but feels like a bug.

  3. When you’re close to a chest in your house and open it, some of the inventory spaces on the chest you can’t highlight until you back up.

  4. I’m still running into the bug that if I’m too close to things, the tracking to use full locomotion to move around just “stops” until I teleport. has happened on NPCs now and Mobs.

Just thought of another one while I was giving feedback.

  1. The fisherman in the first area by the lake. When you talk to him, his fishing pole sticks right into your face. If you backup to get it out of your face? you can’t touch his dialog boxes.

Regarding 5., you can wave again at NPCs after changing position and their dialogue text will move to be in front of you again.

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This isn’t a bug. You’re out of aggro range. All mobs reset a certain distance from their respective spawn location. If you don’t one-shot them, they reset because it isn’t a fair fight. I was shooting my bow at snakes from the airship platform at Tarth Fa Dathrun and only one magically made it up the hill to fight me. The rest reset unless I one-shot.

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  1. We are tracking this issue.
  2. As mentioned above this is intended behavior.
  3. The range on the chest was recently extended to make it easier to open from a distance. I can look into the issue, but for now I’d recommend just opening the chest from a little further away.
  4. Are you running into the collider for these objects? If you hold the teleport button you can see the grid of available movement options. If the path you’re traveling on isn’t part of that grid you can’t slide there.
  5. This is being tracked.

Thanks for reporting!

I encounter #4 in a few different varieties

  1. If I have run into an enemy, I cannot slide until I teleport.
  2. If I run out of sprint in combat, I cannot slide until I teleport.
  3. If I enter/exit a house, I cannot slide until I teleport
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Gotcha on #2. Since it’s intended, cool deal. And yea, the Fox I was shooting must not have had a path up to the village, which is why it couldn’t come running at me. I definitely wasn’t 1 shotting it, which is why I’d hear the aggro music, it looks like it would turn, then just stop. Again, I knew that it might be intended because I was shooting things outside of boundaries, but good to know that it doesn’t always work like that.

For #3 - Yea I just backed up. once I did the inventory spaces I couldn’t touch all of a sudden became touchable. So if you extended the range closer to allow you to open the chest, maybe some of the collision is overlapping some inventory spaces on accident.

For #4 - I think it is accidently running into them, since the smooth move controls are easy to accidently “touch” on the vive with your thumb. So I’m probably all of a sudden getting too close, and then it “overlaps” the object’s grid. Once that happens, the only way to get out is to teleport. Doesn’t happen often, but often enough for me to mention it here. During fights with mobs is when it’s most annoying, because I’m frantically trying to back up, and realize all of a sudden I can’t.

For #5 @Admino - yea I’ve had to do that and back up a bit on him to get the box to move, but his fishing pole is still basically in my face lol. Maybe I’m just too tall and that’s what doing it, but he’s in my bubble man! lol

Couple of new bugs found on playthrough tonight :

  • When you complete the Red Truffle Quest for the Chef, it still remains in your journal. I’m not sure if this is because I had 2 Red Truffles, but it’s still there.

  • We saw a lot of “flying” mobs tonight :slight_smile: While funny, I’m pretty sure that was a bug.

  • Ok now I’m pretty sure this might be a bug / might be intended, but every time I log back in, as the Musketeer, my turret goes back to damage even if I’ve been using healing.

  1. Relogging should remove the expired journal page, if it does not let me know. We are tracking this issue currently.
  2. We thought we had this one fixed a couple weeks ago, but it appears to have re-emerged. I’ve got it in our tracking system.
  3. I think that is intended functionality. Pretty sure the compass chat channel also resets to the default party chat.
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