Couple of issues on my play today

I happened to notice that I do not get the load screens when zoning. I just get a black screen with an hour glass. Oculus user.

I made it (with help) up to the quest that requires you to use the skeleton key in the witch cave to attack this camp. The quest told me to bring others with me, man was it not kidding. There were 3 of us on this quest, I believe we were level 11. We could not even come close to clearing that camp. We tried to bring others to help but they could not enter. My concern is if someone is soloing and gets to this point and needs help, unless that help just so happens to be on that quest, this person is basically screwed. I really want my cape for finishing but I’m not sure I’m going to find enough people on this quest to help me. If there is a work around someone please give me a shout out.

Other than those issues, the only thing I can say about the main story line is that it is a bit boring MOST of the time. I spent countless hours just running back and forth being peoples messenger. It didn’t start getting even remotely interesting until after I met with the bishop in his room. (That last sentence sounded soooo wrong) I really hope you plan to pepper in a little more action into the early stages of the story line.
Oh another problem I encountered was the door to the bishops room. If someone didn’t swear to me that I was at the right door, I would have been lost. I tried and tried to open that door and failed continuously.

All in all I’m still having a ton of fun playing. Keep up the great work.

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