Craftable spell Scrolls


So this Idea is similar and I hope builds upon an earlier post made about spell scrolls. One thing I am thinking where this makes more sense as well is if every character can’t be every class. I understand why it currently is this way, but It would add more value to this idea if everyone can’t just swap to a rune mage whenever they want.

I think every spell should be able to be put into a scroll, it should take an alchemy based material, enchanted parchment. The parchment should have different levels with varying material costs. Currently I would say 4 levels. for level 1, 2, and 3 spells with the 4th being for rituals.

As for implementation of how you put a spell to a scroll would be that you could prepare the spell like normal for casting and then grab the parchment and hold it to the spell and that causes it to imprint on the scroll. The real trick would be that when you cast the spell from the scroll it will succeed or fail based on how the drawing was when the scroll was imprinted. This way the casters skill is still really important. The strength should be 1/2 as strong based on the level of the person using the scroll.

I think one ingredient that should be included for teleport scrolls should be runemage components. The person casting the scroll should also need to use a rune mage component. That way scrolls would always cost 2 total components. Maybe even for every spell, it would help adjust cost that way.

This would make damage spells way less useful but would make utility spells and teleports even better. Want to store up a few quick knockback spells for and emergency. Or a pocket pollymorph?

A side note that I might further develop is that I think every class should take advantage of positional skills. Maybe not as complicated as the runemage but similar. Warrior charge sorta does already, but maybe more special attacks or buffs that are activated based on a motion that is made.

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