Just for quick clarification, I have been a supporter since before you had this suggestions or the website up, and before the forest zone was made. I was also wanting to ask how crafting would work. I think the way you showed crafting the airship would be really cool for blacksmithing and other crafting. As well as hiring people as guards so you can transport supplies. Or there could be a way to make a small building that would act as your shop. I think it would be better if you could buy houses/buildings in towns for a high amount of gold, and you would own that building permanently, then you could make chairs, tables, swords, etc. It would also be cool to be able to customize your sword by taking hilts of, etc. I don’t know how this would work, but it would make Crafting a valuable class to have in a guild/party.

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The Artificing class (as we’re planning it right now) will basically have two parts. The first part is for making gadgets, toys, etc., which will use the style of crafting shown in that video, which is a lot like building a 3D puzzle. The higher level the item, the harder it will be (more small pieces, etc.)

The second part is their ability to enhance weapons and armor for players. This is going to be a big part of the economy in the game, since these effects will be able to boost your weapon’s effectiveness, for example, by 5-10%, and also allow you to customize your weapon so that it can match your play style. Every ability in the game (for example, the Runemage’s Fireball spell, the Archer’s charged shot, etc.) is affiliated with a rune from a pool of around 7. E.g. there is a rune that is generally associated with powerful, slow attacks; one associated with damage over time effects; one associated with defensive abilities, etc. If your weapons/armor are attuned to those runes by an Artificer, it decreases the cooldown of those abilities. So if you really want to be able to use your Poison arrow a lot more often, you’ll want an Artificer to customize your bow so that it is very attuned to the rune for that, for example.

These enhancements are only temporary, though, so they have to be refreshed periodically (think once every couple of weeks real-time). In addition to that, the skill of the Artificer (and I mean actual skill, not just “game mechanic stat” skill) will determine how well-attuned your weapon and armor are. So ideally you’ll want to find an Artificer you really like, and basically you’ll be bringing them your stuff at least once every couple of weeks to attune it.

Anyway, like everything else, we have lots of ideas about how we want this to work but we haven’t actually sat down and fully designed or implemented it yet, so it’s all subject to change as we dig in to it. But that’s what we’re thinking right now, anyway.

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Sounds great, would love to play it once the full game comes out. Just two more questions. Will there be a guild system, and how in depth would it be? and the last question, How will this economy work exactly, like for example copper to silver to gold to platinum and so on?

Guild as in player guilds? Yeah there will be at some point. Haven’t really gotten to it yet, but at least something simple will be in at launch. We may expand it from there depending on how people use it.

I’m not really sure what the currency will be yet, but yeah some sort of gold I suppose with copper, silver, gold, that sort of thing.

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Player guilds would be great if we could somehow use the enhancement system to dye clothes, so a guild could have a designated color. You could also make it to where they could make an insignia with preset shapes, and it would show on their shoulder or something of sorts. I’ll continue thinking on how to flesh out guilds

Here’s an example I had for if you could dye parts of your shield or such

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I have a lot of questions, for things like toys, gadgets, and other simple things I love the crafting system you showed, but for something like blacksmiths I think you should have to heat up the metal and hammer it until you have the sword you want made. (Obviously not as long as forging a real sword but a similar process.) Same thing with other classes, depending on what is being made they should require different crafting processes. Also will I select a Resource Discipline when I make my character or will they be skills everyone can do but some will be better than others?

To go along with what you said about skill and stats. I think Skill should effect how good the requested item/enhancement is. Stats should effect what things I can make/what enhancements I can apply. Example: Level 1 Blacksmiths can make basic swords; Level 50 Blacksmiths can make AMAZING swords. Where skill comes in is how good the sword is. For example if I am a level 1 blacksmith and I make a basic Iron sword but do it REALLLY well then it will be pretty good for an iron sword. If I am a Level 50 blacksmith and make a Dragon-glass Sword (made that up) but do it TERRRIBLY the iron sword could possibly be better. Also the better you do of making the item the more exp you get. (Example: Making 1 Iron sword really well would give more exp then making 50 Iron swords terribly.) The reason I think stats should effect what you can make is because I shouldn’t be a level 1 blacksmith and be able to make the best swords in the game just because I am good at skill instantly. This is where the exp comes in. If I am really good at forging weapons then I will get more exp and level up faster. If I am bad at forging weapons I will get less exp which will make me want to follow another discipline, but even if I’m bad I can still get to a high level it will just take longer. (Requires more training which means I will get better by the time I am level 50.)

If you want me to explain anything more in-depth or if you have any problems with what I suggested then please let me know.

Note: Numbers have been made up for examples and not all processes were explained for a full length crafting process.

I think I like kyle’a idea for a blacksmith, cause it sounds a lot like “craft keep vr” which is a game that one of the features is that you forge weapons for your customers, and I’d like to see something like that in the game. Also for currency I think it should be called TC which of course stands for tacos (still haven’t let go of that idea).