Crafting Gear instead of random drop?


Does anyone know if there will be a gear crafting system put in place? I find it SUPER difficult to keep my gear up to my characters level. I was using a 39 power musket in the forest and it was replaced by a 100 musket … thats insane. I went from barely surviving a fight to surviving most fights.


The drop rates in Reborn have been heavily modified (at least so far). We’ll see again with the upcoming beta, but it should be a much more gradual progression.

Please also note that the scaling for earlier levels is much higher than the scaling near the end in base game.


Thats good to hear. I havn’t had a chance to play any of the betas. Do we know if crafting is expected to be added? Id love to slave over a furnace adding metals and hammering a sword out.


There are already a few forms of crafting… Alchemy and Artificing. Reborn will introduce tinkering, but we aren’t clear on what exactly that will be.

No hammering, though.

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