Crash/Logout in Dungeon resets


I have had crash issues, and sent in logs. (I can send more from yesterday, but dont want to overwhelm you)

I have noticed recently when I crashed in a dungeon and re-logged in quickly, I can hear the party but my instance has been reset. They cannot hear me, and I cannot get back to them through the mobs.

This also happened tonight when my tracking got crazy in a dungeon. I logged out real quick and then back in, and I was at the beginning in a reset dungeon. Still in a party, I could hear them, but they could not hear me.

I know in the past when I have crashed, I could log back in to the dungeon group and continue the run. I am not sure if this was changed on purpose, but due to my crashing ive lost out on at least 4 runs over the past few days.

Thanks for any info.

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Out of curiosity, did you try leaving and re-entering the dungeon? When they couldn’t hear you were you speaking into your compass or just speaking normally?


That is exactly what happened to me and many others multiple times!
I and I guess many others have opened a thread about it already.
For me it didn’t matter if I speak into compass or not, they couldn’t hear me…

That is,imho, THE most annoying bug atm! It is game breaking!

…if I would experience that while I try out the demo I would for sure not buy the game…

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I think its the server doing a new instance for the play er because the game interprets the leaving and rejoining as re-entering the dungeon queue. but with all the slots allready filled and confirmed it skips the check box for that player (I’m probably being an idiot asking this but can Riley (or any of the other devs) have a look to see if this is the case)


I have exited and re-entered through the portal in highsteppe with the same results.


Alright, it looks like we have an idea what is happening here and we’ll look at getting that taken care of sometime in the next couple weeks.


Dungeon queues are currently bugged. I recommend forming a party prior to entering the dungeon, and entering manually. That will prevent the problem from occurring.


The queue worked, we find random groups and start the dungeons fine. It is when we are in the middle and I crash/logout that I get separated.

Are you saying this wont happen if we form/enter manually?


That’s correct. You should be able to return to the dungeon just by entering it from the tree in that case

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One thing you can do if you know how to make a teleport to Highsteppe, you can use the queue system to find a party, and convince everyone in your party to teleport to highsteppe and create a party with all of them, and then enter manually. But everyone in the party will probably have to know that queues are bugged for that to work… It’d be even better if the devs just fixed it :stuck_out_tongue: