Crashed and can't log back in properly (in the beta)



ater the dev boss event a few mins a go we all crashed in the area that it was hosed and I cant get back on to my character (sparkytwo) I have tried restarting the game the log out does not work in game but it just boots to menu with the “connection closed by remote” square I tried swithching conections and it did not work ether, for some reason I appear in the new midlands area out side of new highstepp at lv 0 with no items no character info and no weapon, but the health and blue bar appear directly above my character slightly clipping in to view


Can confirm, happened to me too. Seems like a more widespread issue.


Me too, it seems like multiple people have been having the same issue. I appear in the same area.


I’m also have this same issue.


that’s what happens to me too


were looking into it currently sorry about the problems, ill update when we figure it out

Dev World Boss Event

I tried restarting Zone2, see if you can login now, if not let me know.


ill give it a try now.


Its fixed for me thank you.


Okay cool, sorry for the delay on that I got off and went and did something else then Robert was like “did you know like 10 people can’t login?” Haha.


Haha I am able to log in now too. Thank you!


dont have a chance to try at the moment, but I’m sure it’s fixed like for everyone else. Thanks so much for taking care of it, you sure did RILEY SMASH that bug :wink: