Critter capture for pet treats


I had this horrible idea the other day while getting frustrated at those dang birds flying through my nets during the critter capture quests. I thought about how nice it would be to use my critter capture gun to capture critters to use as pet treats for my dragon. Maybe not a 1:1 ratio, but… ya know… something at least.
It would also be useful when you run out of treats out in the wild and don’t want to go all the way back to Highsteppe.

Am i the only terrible individual here who thinks this might be a good idea?


I know at one point after dragon breeding was implemented, there was a discussion about what to do with extra dragons. One suggestion was to be able to break them down or trade them in for dragon treats. So, you definitely aren’t the only one with a slightly twisted mind!:smile:

Personally, I’d love to see some use for the critter capture beyond just the quests. Maybe item drops or a rare chance of them being added as a ‘stuffed’ version in the home, or as a pet, etc… (Disclaimer, most of these ideas are other people’s on the forum! :smile_cat:)


I LOVE the idea of capturing them with a chance of them becoming pets. That would be rad. But yes, outside the critter capture quests, there is NO reason to even have the capture gun in your inventory at that point.

It would be cool to even have different dragon treat recipes that you mix some critters with fish and other herbs. It’s just kind of a shame that the critter stuff is useless outside the capture quests.


Also we could finally feed our pets moderately healthy diets! Instead of stuffing them full of treats :sweat_smile:


Personally, I can’t wait to cash in on my pet’s sweet sweet Foie gras.


Agreed completely we should have some kind of reward or incentive for critter capture outside of just missions.

I still like my idea of the stuffed pet in your house after say 500+ captures. Theres already a room in the player house with a bird and squirrel on a shelf. ( so it could already be in and no ones confirmed it?) But saying that a small reward for each capture you do would be nice too


A small amount of exp like what you get for killing green mobs or for fishing would be nice too, though I do like the idea of catching like 500+ for the critter to appear in the player house


that would be cool. another thing that would be cool is if our pet could ‘help out’ on the critter capture… basically as you have it out while capturing critters, it slowly gets its own exp and increases chance of it maybe capturing one of the critters on its own.