Critter capturing should have a chance of actually getting a tradable pet critter

Who doesn’t want a pet squirrel, or a frog? They should also come in various sizes 0-9.


When reborn first released i did think about this.
I wondered if you collected X amount of a certain critter if it would unlock as a pet.

For example: 500 captures = pet
Or 100 rare critter captures = pet

It would give some incentive to critter capturing past the missions its for.
I personally haven’t done a single critter capture for over a year now just because i dont have a reason to other than possibly a weekly mission but that isn’t enough of an incentive.

Also they could double up as house decorations, if you go into your player house I remember 1 room with a squirrel on a shelf. Please lets us use them as decorations too so if you dont want to swap your pet its still useable.