Cross play question

I have an oculus rift and just bought an oculus quest. I own orbus on steam(don’t remember why I bought it way before reborn launch). I saw it says you can link your orbus account to both and still play characters and that is really cool. My question is if I want to play my account on rift and the quest, but would also at times want to have a 2nd account that another family member could play is it possible to do that type of account switching and both be able to play at the same time (one on rift/steam and one on quest) when we want if I own the game on both steam and quest/rift? Basically once I link my quest to my steam orbus account can I go back and forth to a quest only account that someone else uses?

Essentially how it works if you have two accounts is you would want to have one account on one headset and the other on the second headset. We are able to unlink the accounts for you once if you’d like to set it up how you want it, but since we have to do it manually then you can’t really be switching back and forth.

Send me a PM if you need one unlinked with your email when you decide. :slight_smile:

Since you have it on oculus and steam you could get one orbus account linked to your steam account and another one linked to your oculus account. That would allow you to play on either one on the PC by launching either the steam version or the oculus version, but only one of them on the quest.

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I Haven’t linked anything to the quest yet, but I did buy and download it last night. It looks like to accomplish what I want I will have to play my account using remote desktop and steam VR on the quest and the 2nd account (native quest) will be for my kid. It seems like the tracking doesn’t work great or at least there is lag when I do full quick motions using remote desktop, but I’m hoping when I upgrade my video card in September it will improve that issue. It would be really cool in the future if we could log accounts in and out of a device similar to games like everquest and world of warcraft.

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