Custom Fellowship Capes!



Can we get fellowship capes like a cape that the fellowship can design somehow and then guild members can pay dram for it? Maybe allow the leader to import a small image to use on a cape or something. Fellowships like Alphabet and Carnage have small logos that would fit perfect on a cape. You could make it a thing where it has to be unlocked first so the whole fellowship will have to save up and donate towards it. Say it was like 500,000 dram or something to unlock it for the fellowship and then 50,000 dram to buy it for use per character. I think that would be a cool new thing for fellowships and it would give them something to work together for.


the issue is its hard to moderate for smaller guilds that aren’t as well known, though it would be nice to add it so you could also make your own custom capes and sell them.


There would just have to be a way to moderate them so people don’t make anything inappropriate. Like the fellowship named ”Fourskin” I could only imagine the cape they would make considering their name.