Daenerys dragon rescue


Newbie with no plunder? Did you know that your dragon can pick up your bags? Dm me here or in game (Daenerys).
Too many dragons in ya face?
Daenerys dragon rescue here to take your unwanted dragons and find them loving (hopefully) newbies who will appreciate their newly found abilities.
Edit to add:
It looks like we will have a dragon lost and found also. Let’s say you die in pvp and the person who kills you turns your dragon in and lets me know it’s a lost dragon. I can make lost and found posts.
Also check the auction house from time to time (those special treats are not cheep).


I have so many spare dragons, it isn’t even funny.

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I got a few dragons from Pvp, Some of them look pretty unique with matching colours, All with plunderer. I’ll hit you up in a few hours, You’ll easily find them new homes or their original owners.

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Had to evacuate my dragons and stop dragon breeding due to lack of inventory space :sob::sob::sob: … and I already saw wastelands flooded by confused, sobbing little dragons players just left out in the wilds … thx for giving poor unwanted dragons a new home!


I have space, dragon treats, and time to hand them out to new players :slight_smile:


That’s amazing of you. Just let me know and I’ll jump in.


The poor lost scared babiessss!


That is probably the most depressing mental visual I’ve ever read.


I remember back during the Gold Rush in old Orbus, I gave away so many dragons.


Reminded me of this but with dragonsI%2C%20Robot

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I’m a dragon breeder, my specialty is all whites. I’m currently missing my all white tiger pet dragon. If anyone finds him there’s a 2k reward!


Is he #10 in my lost and found post?


No I was joking I’d have to get killed first but I’d buy a tiger pet with all white coloring


Lol ya big meanie!!
I dont sell these guys and I already have someone waiting to adopt this dude if hes not claimed.


You put pictures in my head…
Here’s a quick pic back


Omgggg :heart:that is adorable and sad and I need it to help save the dragons!

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Lol it’s not very good, but all yours if it helps find some forever homes :wink:


Its adorable and you are kind of amazing.