Darius Level Quest Progression broken

Ive been trying to level up recently, and ive been mainly relying on Darius’ quests to level up, after some time his quests broke, no matter how many starfrushers i killed, the percentage would not rise a singe percent. I tried this with the ensuing quests, 5, and 6, im currently gonna do the level 7 quest with the rushed ones, but those are an event enemy, so ill have to wait to see if thats also broken. I tried Siciulus or whatever the name is (Dragon flying quests) and those worked fine, so it has to be a Darius only problem, help? For additional info, Ive been playing Runemage and my User is EArron.

There are lots of different kinds of Starfrushers. It can be confusing which is which. If they have an exclamation point thingy above their head, they’re for the quest. Otherwise, they’re a different kind of Starfrusher.

What Jen said: Watch for the exclamation <!> mark above their heads.

In general for Darius’ missions, what you want to do is:

  • Go to your inventory -> missions screen
  • Click the individual Darius missions
  • Read the description of each
  • Take note of the exact mob names mentioned
  • Most of the missions will also describe the zone and general area the mobs can be found

There is a small “but” though:

  • Occasionally the <!> do not show for some reason, although you are at the right mobs
  • The cause is likely (yet another case of) desync
  • If you believe this is the case, try relogging or even completely restarting the game. This fixes it sometimes.

@Mathieu_D pinging you here as this is one of the issues i have forgotten to list in my bug posts