Database Bugs causing Fellowship issues


I’ve tried to leave Stonecutters Fellowship and join Elysium Fellowship. I keep getting pulled back and forth between fellowships while playing the game. I’m now listed in Elysium’s fellowship roster 4 times while trying to get this to work. It would appear your database is missing some Primary keys, player names being the key to uniqueness. This should not be possible unless you plan for characters to be able to join multi fellowships at the same time. This kind of issue is very troubling to me. I have many hours vested in this game, as do you and corruption seems imminent should this not get fixed. Please strip my character of all fellowships. Please remove all data relevant in Stonecutters, and Elysium fellowships in regards to character name Korenda and ill try this again.



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hehe i saw that
there are 4 korendas now
i wasnt specifically stalking you, i was just checking out elysium


Stalker haha


Chill it was a joke


Guys, I’m trying to get my shit fixed. Lets not troll my message to death so it gets closed. Thanks for understanding.




Yah, I had that bug with the game randomly swapping fellowships all of old orbus, and now in new orbus I’m twice in alphabet instead.


Also any name changes do not apply to fellowship lists. Old names remain.


What do you mean


That if you cange your name after joining a fellowship, the old name of the character is still the one showing in the fellowship.


Our alt-guild is… verry confusing trying to remember everyones old names.

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Oh ok thanks


Hey sorry didn’t mean to. If heard of this many times and I’ve heard people talking on OrbusVR about messaging like Riley to get it fixed faster.


That explains why I saw someone’s name twice in the kosher cowboy’s fellowship list. Thought it was just someone being funny and purposely picking the same name as their friend.


Sorry about that


“Burnator” shows twice in “Alphabet” if you don’t use correct names then Riley will never fix it


Handling via PMs. Also if anyone is having this issue where they are alternating fellowships when they shouldn’t be, send us a bug report in game and just say which fellowship they shouldn’t be in. We’ll respond and take care of it.