Defend the Realm 10/16/18


The upcoming weeks Defend the Realm will require a client and server side patch, that will be pushed out tomorrow morning 10/16/2018 around 8 AM CST. This will engage the spawners for the next 2 weeks of the event (Upcoming week is located at Wenderwood, the following week near the Order Jail by Kingsport Lake). Theses locations have also been added to the player compass as DTR II, and DTR III respectively. There is some overlap between the two (can kill some of next weeks required monsters at either location) while others are specific to those areas.

The defend the relam not reset

Will the master hunter cape also be added with that patch?


Yes it will be in that same patch


Awesome thanks! :grin:


Cape looks good!


Defend the Realm 10/16/18 Feedback/Issues

  • Stags continue to have off-synched-location-after-charge issue that has plagued us from the beginning
  • Stag charge does no damage, even if you stand and take it in the face (it wrecks me in dungeons)
  • Several of the mobs in Wenderwood are basically “stuck” in that you can’t range pull them, and if you get close enough, they all aggro at once
  • The kelpie migo aberrations are at least twice as difficult as all the other aberration types (this is not exclusive to the scaled version, but if they are all supposed to feel comparable when scaled, it’s not currently the case)
  • Tentaculiars seem to spawn at least as frequently as the kelpies, and since they don’t give points, it can feel frustrating
  • It appears that the stag charge ability is not available to it until it’s been spawned for several seconds, so If you attack a stag right after it spawns, it will just stand there for a while (long enough to burn down)


Additional to Draven:

  • The fence is a problem. When you shoot an enemy and there is a fence between each other the agro will lost.


Also the guards still steal kills


If the guard dose a measly one hit (like 13 damage) to a enemy you get 0 defend the realm and 0 xp. With the mi-go random jumping at anyone that got a hit in this is verry annoying.

A low level musk was taking cover by the guard, shooting at anything I got low. Watching the guard shoot my mi-go with 2-3% of its health remaning sucked. He just got one hit in as it jumped to the musky and then it was back to me, but now fully worthless.


50% of the time the kills don’t even count towards defend the realm. And this is after pulling the enemies well away from the guard so the guard never lands a single hit.

Its not the guards, as I was able to get points here and there even after the guard hit the enemy monster numerous times. Or, its just completely random.

Really disappointing to see that its so buggy.


What monster types were you killing where you weren’t receiving points?


because of overlapped spawwn tables u have to kill everything or even if they dont count because if u dont u will only be left with mobs that dont give u anything


All of them were affected:

Corrupted musketeer enemy, the corrupted knight, the corrupted foxes, the elite kelpii, the boss kelpii. All of them at one point or another didn’t give points, I had my journal open watching each kill.


The guard is the one bugging them. He shoots them once as they spawn, and if the agro is bugged at spawn he stops shooting.

0xp 0 defend the realm.


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