Defend The Realm - Dev Boss Unlocked


Congratulations from all the Dev team on unlocking the Dev world boss. We are as excited as I hope the community is to get to put this event in game. While I am excited for this event (and hopefully more like it in the future), I am slightly fearful to have Riley unleashed upon the world of Orbus, and I am worried the fates of the brave Guardians that defended Highsteppe may end tragicly. But we shall see who prevails!

On a serious note, we don’t have many details about the event to share at this time other then it will take place in the world of Reborn to counter alot of the issues present during large boss events (graphical lag, new zone sharding selection system, new classes/abilities not in current game). We will have more details for the event in the coming weeks, and if you havent reached your personal goal of 18k you still have a short time left.


Soooo happy to hear it’ll happen in Reborn. I was afraid of a laggy Riley tankbusting us all into dust!


So how does the giant Riley boss fit with the story if it plays out in reborn? :joy:


ha this event wont fit in the lore anywhere, but depending on how this event goes I could see us doing more of them tied into Orbus holidays or events with different Dev monsters to fight. But we will get the first one under our belt before we make that call.


Do you have details on who is be controlling the boss and acknowledging that it will have a sound bite of RILEY SMASH?


so when do we get the crown added will we get t before reborn or after. also he dev boss sounds like it will be fun. side note knowing this community it will some how fit the lore, if not we will make a lore story for it

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It will definitely be taking place in Reborn, since at this point all the dev work is going to the new version.

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I just wanna know if it’s going to be Riley’s character with PvP turned on or is it going to be it’s own NPC with Boss-like abilities?


If it turns out well, maybe it can become an event where a player gets to control the boss instead of just the devs?


Can you elaborate on this a bit please?

I was wondering, is there any reason to not let people continue to accumulate points? There’s still newer players, and while they may not have contributed during the event, the point of these items is basically to distinguish who was here for the original.

I feel like if newer players come or older players haven’t gotten their 18k, there’s no reason to not allow them to get the rewards if they are still here and want to put in the effort. Orbus isn’t nearly as active anymore, which makes it all the more difficult for them at this point in time.

Eventually it’ll have to end when there simply isn’t time to get enough points before the game goes down, but original Orbus will still be here for quite awhile yet, and this can provide things to do still.

I was really hoping the dev boss fight would be in normal Orbus as a world ending event. I’m not exactly disappointed because everything in Reborn should be much better, but having some sort of cataclysmic or climactic event right before the servers went down would have been awesome and super memorable instead of the world just freezing up suddenly and then gone forever.


Agreed 100% on a “Riley smash!” Sound bite. This needs to happen. Seriously.


@Robert I little off topic, but I want to clear up what I think is a misconception. Reborn is NOT coming in January, correct? It is coming more likely around March Right?

I keep hearing people in game thinking Reborn is dropping in January.


The next test is in January, there will be another beta test after that one so I very much doubt it will be out in January

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Those are likely new players. It is announced in Q1 which could mean end of march. As Rickness said there’s tests planned during january and likely february and those playing the current Beta (there’s only three areas released for testing so far, two new classes also yet to come, holidays coming up…) can actually see that this can not ever be all ready in a month.


We posted a blog article about this:

It’s essentially just a recap of the previous posts, but we are confirming that fighting the dev boss will happen during a beta weekend starting February 22nd (also, we are having a beta weekend February 22nd :wink: ).

We don’t have anything else to share yet about it but will have more in the future.
We also posted a lore tidbit at the bottom for those who enjoy that sort of thing. :slight_smile:


Very cool! Glad we’re getting an additional beta test. Any spoilers whether we get the dps or tank class next beta?

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I agree and maybe they could take the cap off so some of us slackers could reach the 18k :smiley:

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I would kill for that opportunity.

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