Defend the realm killing new players at farm, Not happy


Please fix this and spawn them somewhere else


Things are getting crazy! We need to clear them out!


they are level scaled elites, of course a level 1 cannot take down the pig elites by themselves because they would also not be able to do it for the char dragon at level 1 there. In fact the pig elites are easier because they are lower level than the char dragon at level 1. You just avoid them and you are fine


I can’t imagine this is a good image for orbus considering that there are new players that have joined the game in the past few days and perhaps more to come and their first impression of the game is getting raped in their first main quest/farm area. There is zero need for the elites to spawn at the farm, unless the devs enjoy giving new players a tough time.

I am not genius but it doesn’t take rocket science to know this is not a smart idea at all


Pretty sure a few get killed by the redtails so. Also the char dragon is still a thing and its an elite, although its in the back.


Thought it’s like last time that they spawn in the back, but wow they are really literally the first thing you see when you leave the tutorial area… so yea it is not very inviting for fresh players struggling with controls ;). And it is barely possible to avoid them while going for bunnies, least not for melees.

Also BUG REPORT the turning in of PINECONE is not working, these were never sellable; perhaps a good time to fix that as well so our superfluous finally become useful, thanks…


I will move them farther to the rear of the farm so that newer players can still kill redtails to learn the craft of their trade, as the DTR is not meant to interfere with lower level players learning the game.


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