Defend The Realm Milestone Unlock: Defender's Crown!


Hi everyone, last week after hard work you’ve unlocked the Defender’s Crown head piece and here it is!

You’re already more than halfway towards the next reward, the “Defender of Patreayl” title which you’ll be able to show off and prance around with in Reborn! Keep up the fight.


Nice chestpiece! :joy: Nah, crown is cool too :wink:


We are hitting naked levels that shouldnt even be possible. (for those that cannot see the bare chest on the picture, it is because you are too young and your mind censores it)


Nah, it’s a picture of the emperor in his new clothes


The crown looks like it would fit the color scheme of the regular tradu ranger chest


This made me think, will we be able to dye the crown? I wonder where the primary/accents will fit into it?


If it’s like the ranger chest piece, the short answer is u can’t dye any of the top part


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